2020 iPad Pro Review: It's... A Computer?!
Marques Brownlee
The iPad Pro refresh is impressive. But does it answer the question?
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  • matt

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="500">8:20</a> im sorry but what the fuck was that

  • AgeingBoyPsychic

    My Raspberry Pi has 8 gigs of RAM... only cost $70 though

  • Shailendra S. Srivastava
    Shailendra S. Srivastava

    Please watch electronic master English

  • Shadman Mirza
    Shadman Mirza

    The new keyboard is great, but I think it’s time that Apple explores adding MORE front-facing cameras. I’m a high school music teacher, and while we have been distantly learning I have used my iPad a lot for my assignments, mostly because I can annotate with the pencil. However, I also end up using my iPad for video conferencing, and if the device is in keyboard mode (on its side) the camera goes off to your left and creates a weird angle when video conferencing. I think it would make sense to have another camera on the side where the Apple Pencil charges so that video conferencing on an iPad isn’t so awkward.

  • Info Time
    Info Time

    Is this good for osu?

  • ensoxyz

    Should you should be factoring in (14 eyes) in to your security / privacy decisions ?

  • Banu Prakash
    Banu Prakash

    bro it ain't for 350 bucks it is for 800 dollars

  • Debo

    Would you recommend this, 2018 iPad pro or a MacBook for a student (medic)? I want to know if it’ll be as effective as having a laptop for a student?

  • CJ Evan
    CJ Evan

    Watching this with my new ipad pro 2020

  • Travellian Mahesh
    Travellian Mahesh

    i also have this ipad 2020 12.9 inch version

  • Roblox_craft guy
    Roblox_craft guy

    The intro XD

  • Rohan Gaming
    Rohan Gaming

    I need this ipad pro😭

  • Reagan 01
    Reagan 01

    Hi! I need someone’s help. I am looking to get into digital art however I am still a student who is also in need of a laptop. Anyone have any suggestions on any devices that is awesome at both. Thanks!

  • Gavin.

    I don't think anyone understands how bad I want to get this iPad. I have a 2012 ipad mini, and it's dying

  • ManasKumar Behera
    ManasKumar Behera

    Only can see such review but no money to buy one :-(



  • Vaibhav D
    Vaibhav D


  • Gabriel De Leon
    Gabriel De Leon

    Ouch! Demonetized!

  • Maxx O
    Maxx O

    dude that 12.9inch looks like an ipad mini in your hands.... kewl

  • Kittsunay

    whhhhaaaat? lmfao

  • Julian Villarreal
    Julian Villarreal

    Your Next Computer 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 💻 Is Not a Computer 👩‍💻 👨‍💻 💻. The New 2020 (Twenty Twenty) IPad Pro.

  • kaiza farrel
    kaiza farrel

    Neighbor: "Whats a computer?" Marques: "Imma head out"

  • Im Navastormic
    Im Navastormic

    Please give it to me...it will help my studies😊

  • Aniruddha Majumder
    Aniruddha Majumder

    MKBHD Trying to act 🥺

  • Ramo Shehada
    Ramo Shehada

    can someone explain to me what that magnet thing was and where I can get is 🤨😑

    • Noa Moises Elias Amor
      Noa Moises Elias Amor

      @Ramo Shehada You're welcome 😁

    • Ramo Shehada
      Ramo Shehada

      Noa Moises Elias Amor thankssssssss

    • Noa Moises Elias Amor
      Noa Moises Elias Amor

      You can search this on Amazon: TaskMag - High Definition Magnet Viewing Film. Becomes Lighter or Darker When a Magnetic Field is Applied. (75mm x 75mm)

  • A. C.
    A. C.

    I never thought/knew that technology would enter into Philosophy. But really, and honestly... I am stumped what s a computer now and days? The first iPhone could have gotten us t the moon. People call the iPhone a pocket computer. So... How can the iPad 12.9" Pro not be a computer?

  • Eric Tulloch
    Eric Tulloch

    I dabble in iPad photography time to time or when I don't want to use phone

  • Daniel Segura
    Daniel Segura

    I’m so glad I got it. I barely use my MacBook Pro 13” apart from when I’m working and even then I use sidecar to extend the display into my iPad Pro 12.9”. The iPad’s screen is larger than my MacBook Pro! Super fast, responsive great screen and the battery life is amazing. I can’t stress enough how much I love this thing. Oh and taking notes with Notability with the Apple Pencil 2 is awesome.

  • Susmoy J.r.
    Susmoy J.r.

    What is it's price?

  • békafotel

    Ok so it has good AR... then WHERE IS THE DOMINOS APP feat. HATSUNE MIKU?!?!?!??!

  • Aaron Hidru
    Aaron Hidru

    Can't wait to get this

  • Ta Saing
    Ta Saing

    Why tablet feel boring, cuz it can’t open same program at the same time . Can ambush them to improvement

  • Ta Saing
    Ta Saing

    Why tablet feel boring, cuz it can’t open same program at the same time . Can ambush them to improvement

  • Yuvi Arush
    Yuvi Arush

    Can you give me a iPad Pro

  • Mahesh Nayak
    Mahesh Nayak

    ipad pro comes with free lightroom or we have to purchase ??

  • Fantastico 2020
    Fantastico 2020

    Such a waste of money... you don’t need the latest iphone, the lpad the latest I anything... it’s nothing new!! Upgrade and repackaging old sh^t.

  • KM

    What's a computer? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Phil Hardy
    Phil Hardy

    Great watching you today, learnt something new. I’ve had my IpadPro 12.9 for 3 days. Just purchased Apple care, which is a must. Then realized I need headphones, another $200. Now I’m torn between the Folio keypad or the magic. I can buy pencil & Folio, for the same price as the magic keyboard. I gonna be following you. As I believe I will learn a lot of cool things, on my new iPad, soon to be laptop.

  • Mohamad Zakaria
    Mohamad Zakaria

    Hello. I want to know are there other type of keyboard language that Apple provide instead of English?? Because i'm looking for Arabic keyboard from Apple if they have

  • Tim Casey
    Tim Casey

    All 4th generation I pad pro(s) have 6gb of RAM whereas the previous generation only had 6gb of RAM in 1 tb version - looks like Apple were messing with you:) btw I have just got a gen 4 12.9 I pad pro and I went for the mobile version with 256gb of RAM - I thought long and hard about it and couldn't see the point in having bigger storage....Have I missed something really obvious that justifies either the 512gb 1tb? I would be super grateful to anyone who replies to my question please, thanks - Tim

  • Alessandra Con
    Alessandra Con

    Damn, I also want an iPad Pro but I can't even get myself a phone HAHAHA

  • Lethal Lady V Bankz
    Lethal Lady V Bankz

    Awesome review just bought the exact one looking forward to trying it out editing video content and photo shoots with it thanks for the review

    • Lethal Lady V Bankz
      Lethal Lady V Bankz

      Also wish I had done some more research on the compatibility of the first generation Apple Pencil n the iPad Pro 11 (2020) this bites but I love my new iPad all the same

  • Junayed Haque
    Junayed Haque

    Need the new ipad review

  • Gabriel Ellard élève
    Gabriel Ellard élève

    Awesome intro

  • Kineshy Casado
    Kineshy Casado

    The real question is. Can you stick it on a refrigerator?

  • Eduardo Tarusov
    Eduardo Tarusov

    This is the only thing I'd buy from apple. Everything else they make sucks.

  • tonyforrealz

    you're audio is so good I start to hear way to many of your mouth sounds! XD

  • Adhil A.A
    Adhil A.A

    You are using for a week really ? Then why you are unboxing ?

  • Falcon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> huh???

  • Bearrixx

    I couldn’t comment on the original trailer so I came here to comment.

  • L3v1 Mc1nt4r3
    L3v1 Mc1nt4r3

    Apple: Hi, we are apple and we created the iPad pro last year and it snapped in half alot, so, we have not made any improvements to the hardware, BUT, we have put an iPhone 11 camera on it. Oh, and we made it a computer if you pay 350 dollars more. ALSO, we added a MASSIVE price tag. BUT, we used the same shell and same front. And we still don't know what an in screen finger scanner is

  • Iva Heart
    Iva Heart

    Mine is arriving in early June and I'm soooo excited! I've always dreamed of having an iPad!🥰

  • IceClaw

    Me: I should get this iPad My Wallet: Boi do not even think about it

  • WolvieGaming

    Your videos are really good. Thanks for the content.

  • News that matter
    News that matter

    All they did was reduce the animation transition time or in the pro, get rid of it all together. My Samsung tab 6 is as fast in transitions and the camera takes clearer pictures and it comes with a pen. Sure its only 10.5 inches. Buts its lighter, easier to carry, as productive as the apple for half the price.

    • News that matter
      News that matter

      @Wolfz Falaehoods. 13MP + 5MP rear and 8 amp on the front on the Android cvs the 12 amp. I have 8gb of ram on my tab s6 with finger scanner, and I also get an expanded SD card. It handle multi task easily. So I don't see why I should spend $1500 when I can spend $700. Samsung is as sleek and clean as the apple.

    • Wolfz

      The iPad Pro Camera is Better.

  • Mind Fresh TV
    Mind Fresh TV

    ami akta computer sell korbo.....asus M360 Intel Core i3 8 Gen Processor.... 2 mas use kora....8Gb DDr4 ram..... To Know Details Please Call Me Num: 01783652405

  • Prince Dhanraj
    Prince Dhanraj

    Please add captions in your video.

  • hraqhraq

    We should start to vote with out money to stop Apple trend of labelling 2018 ipad as 2020 Same performance !!! and only extra 2GB of RAM. Basic laptops will have 8GB of RAM not 6GB Apple! it will never be a laptop of a computer! I need to see 8GB basic model and 16GB for high end one, I don't understand those reviewers who appreciate Apple at this horrible value for money!!!

  • Akari Ceballos
    Akari Ceballos

    Can you use it in the car while on a road trip

  • Linn Ww
    Linn Ww

    I don’t understand why you’d need a trackpad t makes no sense. Its literally a touch screen for your already touch screen iPad. Wake up sheeple

  • Xelous

    Great intro bro love it.

  • Smash Dude
    Smash Dude


  • Uncool Artist
    Uncool Artist

    Him: "Like no one's doing a serious photography, on an iPad" Me: "I do not exist" *hides in shadows*

    • RancidKari

      Lmfao that used to be me

  • Tracie G
    Tracie G

    I just wanted to say....today I accidentally ran over my new iPad Pro 12.9 and my magic keyboard flung about 50 feet in the air. And my iPad still works no broken screen scuffed up back a small crack on the camera but its still works exactly like it did before. I cant believe it if there was ever any doubt how awesome it is i saw it make it thru something i thought it never would.

    • Tracie G
      Tracie G

      True story 😂🤣

    • Vedant Modak
      Vedant Modak


  • Ahlam Kedir
    Ahlam Kedir

    idk if i should get it instead of a laptop or not

  • Nicki Veonega
    Nicki Veonega

    *Dm brendly-kent on insta 💯 he fixed mine*

  • pro jacker
    pro jacker

    Did DOUG pay you to do that??LOL

  • Alex Tud
    Alex Tud

    Nothing can replace a computer. A computer has the reliability, comfort, usability, productivity and experience. Do you think that real people will switch to inferior hardware, no upgradability, a crappy file manager and no privilege escalation!? Of course not. It's just another attempt to grab peoples attention and money for nothing by just making huge claims. First of all, there is nothing more precise than a mouse with a arrow cursor that doesn't snap into s***. A file manager and root/administrator access is the core of a computer. Yes, that "tablet" has a file manager, but where is the goddamn C: drive or root or system files???!!! Are you deciding what you want to do or is it the "tablet" deciding for you? After all, it's yours! But noooo, it's a secret! Right off the bat, the "tablet" is not a computer. Next is multitasking, that is where the "tablet" decides that you can't move the window wherever you want or make it any size. Next is freedom. Have you ever wanted to remove a system file or modify whatever element you want or install new drivers to make your magic trackpad work? You can't install any other driver. If the company decided that your game console controller won't work with your "tablet", you are out of luck and you will have to pray that they will include it in the next update if they feel like it. What about applications or should I say programs? You will have to use their proprietary store to download apps from and there is NO side loading unless you break the jail and that mostly gets patched quickly. So a computer is freedom. You install whatever operating system you want to, you can access, delete and add any file you want anywhere, and there is no one telling you what to do, you are the boos, you bought the computer. And yes, the Surface lineup can be considered as a computer because it behaves like one even if it does not look like one. It uses a desktop grade CPU, operating system and BIOS, allowing you to install or boot alternative operating systems on one device. And if you claim that computers are buggy, unpractical or garbage, either you don't know how to use one, you cheaped out, or you have plenty of viruses and you don't use common sense. Before saying that that "tablet" is a computer, think about it.

  • Vaibhav Dhodapkar
    Vaibhav Dhodapkar

    Next iPhone is a minimised version of this

  • Cayetana Rodriguez
    Cayetana Rodriguez

    I really want one

  • Kendrick Keits
    Kendrick Keits

    at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="158">2:38</a> the hair floating is crazy lol 4k something else

  • Sean McCarron
    Sean McCarron

    What’s the point of the telephoto, or just having such a great camera on a tablet, Do you really want to be the douche Thats just holding up an entire tablet at his daughters graduation 😂

  • Hyped Robloxian
    Hyped Robloxian

    2018: My laptop is a tablet 2020: My Tablet is a laptop

  • Sakshi Raghuvanshi
    Sakshi Raghuvanshi

    I laughed so hard on that “cam in the back of ipad like you wanna block everyone’s view at the concert”.😂😂😂

  • zafri muiz
    zafri muiz

    Android already introduce it TOF a year ago. Lol

  • Carlos F
    Carlos F

    I’d say No even if the iPad was decked out. There’s still limitations on the iPad that Apple will probably never put into it. It is a great laptop replacement for most people out there though since most people generally get on a desktop to just browse through their emails, chat, play games that may or may not be supported on the iPad (java/ may need adobe reader and so on). Also as a retro gamer I would love for Apple to one day make downloading emulators and Roms without too much hassle🙏🏼👌🏻 I’m probably forgetting something but it’s Almost 1am lol

  • Kyler Ermitanio
    Kyler Ermitanio

    Simcard slot?

  • Muzaffar Azman
    Muzaffar Azman

    Is not a computer its a laptop

  • Hyped Robloxian
    Hyped Robloxian

    "An Apple product a year Makes your money disappear"

  • Hyped Robloxian
    Hyped Robloxian

    Da ORIGINAL "Bruh" Moment <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="25">0:25</a>