Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 ALBUM REVIEW
untitled unflattering.
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FAV TRACKS: 42.26, 53.49
Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?

  • Rocío Carro
    Rocío Carro

    I agree that this album is kind of a dissapointment BUT 19.10 is definitely the best song in it.

  • button rebel
    button rebel

    I actually liked 19.10 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jordan Starr
    Jordan Starr

    damn you tripping

  • JoPeck Productions
    JoPeck Productions

    I would rate it an 8. You asked

  • Enrique abb
    Enrique abb

    Are you on crack or something Melon??? This album was magnificent

  • Nikhil Roy-mukherjee
    Nikhil Roy-mukherjee

    I like 19.10, 53.49, algorythm, time and 12.38

  • Life of Asfandyar
    Life of Asfandyar

    nice review mr. needledrop but saying you didn't like the track "18.65" because that was the year slavery was abolished was a little excessive

  • Ronitimes

    god dammnn I didn't like the album that much either but he tore into thsi shit. Gotta agree though, so many of these songs feel like theres too much or too little. Too much repetition, too much filler, feeling like it never develops, and more, but I do find the songs listenable. But then again, im the type of person that listens to the Kanye's worst sometimes so idk

  • Chase Flanagan
    Chase Flanagan

    well I liked it at least

  • bowsrrr

    After listening to the album straight through I gave it a 7/10, but what do you guys give it?

  • S7EPHEN music
    S7EPHEN music

    I think this album is supposed to be messed up. He talks about love in every moment and it is a asoul song. I think it makes this alb amaizng. It shows hes a mess even though hes a celebrity, i think hes trying to show that eevryoen is beautiful, even though we are all imperfect. And I still think that he is going to release more music, which may or may not connect to this album.

  • Victor Ledezma
    Victor Ledezma


  • Charlie O'Steen
    Charlie O'Steen

    Let’s be clear. This Is America is a bad song. If you listen to it without the video, it’s hella repetitive, and it feels thrown together. This Is America is only good when paired with the music video. Kind of like how most of Because The Internet is only good if it’s paired with the screenplay. That’s why it didn’t make it on the album.

  • Nevets COD
    Nevets COD

    3/24/18 is my anniversary. Thought the intro was funny lol

  • Farrier the First
    Farrier the First

    agreed. i thought this album was garbage. disappointed in Gambino.

  • Guillermo Alonso
    Guillermo Alonso

    Honestly “Because of the Internet”, “Camp” and then “STN MTN” we’re complete bangers of albums/mixtapes. Some of his best work IMO. Then brings out “Awaken My Love” and I settled with it, not my favorite but decent and well made to highlight his singing ability. Then he teases himself back into the rap game with “This is America”, and the “Summer Pack” thinking he was gonna come out with another rap album, I was so excited when this came out and immediately disappointed. I love you Gambino but get off the high horse of trying to be avant garde. Yeezy did it already bro.

  • Kyle Snowden
    Kyle Snowden

    As somebody who absolutely loved/still loves the Album, I respect this review. I have some disagreements with many of your points, but I appreciate your take on it. It's not for everybody.

    • Bread Leg
      Bread Leg

      Kyle Snowden yeh same. I agree

  • Mr. B
    Mr. B

    35.31 is actually a really dope song. I think it portrays the idea that farmers (because of the farm animal sounds and folk dance beat) are drug dealers just serving products deemed legal but the content is just the same as dealing cocaine.

  • Hoop Juice
    Hoop Juice

    its growing on me...

  • Olivia Langowski
    Olivia Langowski

    Sorry friend, but you are very mistaken. You definitely don’t get this album which is a bummer because it’s really fantastic. Expressive as hell, and travels into depths of emotions, thoughts, and memories. It’s sad that you missed it entirely. Happy to hear another point of view but you really just didn’t hear any of this incredibly expressive musical creation. Pretty strong disagree.

    • noah chavez
      noah chavez

      the message doesn’t matter if the execution is shit.

  • Taj Simpson
    Taj Simpson

    The ending of 24.19 actually introduces the beat of the next song 32.22 which I think is fantastic song people need to except the emotion of to enjoy the hell out of it.

  • Kana Beats
    Kana Beats

    melon having a rough year too haha

  • Will Hill
    Will Hill

    Naaaaah this album is great

  • Fabrezzzeo xd
    Fabrezzzeo xd

    this dudes music taste has to be very boring

  • Fabrezzzeo xd
    Fabrezzzeo xd

    the drums arent ugly youre ugly grrrrr

  • 4th Dimension
    4th Dimension


  • Luca Nasillo
    Luca Nasillo

    Anthony must still be angry at Troy for leaving Greendale. That's why he shits on all of Gambino's projects

  • 松谷春樹

    I rly like 1910 actually but algorithm is v bad

  • JBreeze99

    It has its bland spots. Maybe it's something he himself

  • Andrew Phelan
    Andrew Phelan

    IDK man why you gotta be ripping on this so much you only liked 1 or 2 songs. I'm not trying start videogamedunkey ff7 remake. but come on man

  • rvdy nabicie
    rvdy nabicie

    anyone curious of these titles on album? maybe its secret date of end of the world

  • oghash99

    REDUX review in the future

  • Alex

    i enjoy this record. People who aren't Death Grips can make weird, noisy rap music too.

  • Ryan Gibby
    Ryan Gibby

    tbh i love this album

  • ravioli ravioli
    ravioli ravioli

    This is all fire 😂

  • TheSleepyNPC

    Dude 32.22 is fucking sick what lmao. Honestly from what i've seen of his videos anthony seems to dislike a lot more music than he likes & i can't imagine him actually dancing to anything or even listening through headphones for that matter, when he reviewed 'time' he just sat there n listened coldly... Music isn't meant to be analysed it's meant to be felt. While he's deconstructing it to see is this 'good' or 'bad' he misses a lot of the magic i feel :/

    • Bread Leg
      Bread Leg

      TheSleepyNPC well said

  • Boxxie


  • coisa chata
    coisa chata

    Dann man, what is the name of this album in the back?? I feel like I've listened to it but I can't remember at all!! (Not the fugazi one)

    • Bread Leg
      Bread Leg

      coisa chata cosmogramma

  • Josh

    I was SO excited when I saw Gambino released an album and we got this lmao imo it wasn’t good at all I was so disappointed

  • Gage Calvin
    Gage Calvin

    Anthony doesn’t listen. He only projects

  • Vernon Benton
    Vernon Benton

    I like 19.10 & 53.49 the best, I like Time as well. Generally agree though, most of the album doesn't resonate well with me.

  • CrispyDragons

    Glover really needs to find his own style. He mostly just plays around with other artists' styles. I liked "This Is America" because there really aren't many other songs that sound like it; would've liked more music in that vein.

  • tetracrystal

    I love this album.

  • bikmon

    Anthony, i get that you're all for freedom of speech, but you didn't have to call him all those slurs... hard R too...

  • bikmon

    19.10 is a BANGER wtf

  • Diego Viejo Carretero
    Diego Viejo Carretero

    Ye we re used to name songs and records which may not always be a good idea since it can alter the perception of the content before listening to it imo

  • CountDoggo

    Everyone’s entitled to opinions, i love melon, some opinions happen to be wrong.

    • Lamar Is Not Here
      Lamar Is Not Here

      Yes but actually no.

  • James Shallow
    James Shallow

    I enjoy experimental rapping. 3.15.2020 and Testing by Rocky are beautiful. what do you think?

  • Vic Boss
    Vic Boss

    Strong 7/10 but it’s definitely something different, takes a few listens

  • L F
    L F

    *this album is pure dog shit*

  • Dalton McLaughlin
    Dalton McLaughlin

    Bruh you forgot to green screen you’re flannel

  • Dean Engel
    Dean Engel

    so you really didn’t feel 24.19 like i did?

  • Juan Naym
    Juan Naym

    I love Anthony and I get his views and opinions but sometimes I can't even begin to start where I disagree with him

  • Cynical Sins
    Cynical Sins

    Me: Dude, you ripped this apart, can’t wait to see what you give it. Fantano: 4 Me: wut.

  • TimTam60

    Fuck it, nothing review

  • pasta J
    pasta J

    12.38 is good rest is meh

  • Neil Basa
    Neil Basa

    Anthony, your boomer is showing

  • kjdskgj

    I honestly do not understand how did you miss the message of Feels Like Summer. Especially after This Is America, which also presented it's topic with a juxtaposed idea; putting a heavy political message next to light, easily accessible things we distract ourselves with. Here the topic is climate change instead of racial inequality of the US, and the juxtaposition is presented in a different way. The "Summer" here is like a coin with two sides. The side we usually connect the term and image of "summer" to is obviously the sweet side. Just being relaxed and enjoying the warm weather etc. The song presents that side with these sweet, summery sounds and instruments, which lures you to think that it's a chill, carefree summer song... but somehow the melody has this hint of melancholic vibe to it, like something isn't right. Then come the lyrics, that along with the melody, shows the true side of the "Summer" Glover has in mind. Those sweet summer sounds are trying to distract the listener from it, similarly how in real life we distract ourselves with pleasurable things in the face of global catastrophe. Which is the fact that the world is getting hotter and not enough people care of it's consequences. And it's easy to distract yourself, because locally, the hotter it gets, the more summer you have, and the more you get to just enjoy the warm weather and all the nice things associated to it, not caring that too much summer will be our doom. The song is a masterpiece, and I hope you'll come back to it with these things in mind.

  • HannahSmash Beats
    HannahSmash Beats

    Do Boldly James “The Price of Tea in China”

  • Albert Scardina
    Albert Scardina

    These reviews would be so much better if he sampled in parts of the songs he was talking about in between his comments but I imagine there is a copyright with that huh

  • Angel Munoz
    Angel Munoz

    One of my favorite tracks is his least favorite. Niiiiiiice. Love this lmao you’re great melon

  • sanitorz

    Did Melon change his opinion on because the internet?

  • Final Fatality
    Final Fatality

    That was his last album and now we get no more. Donald shouldn't have been so experimental with it because the fans were all hoping for more of a nostalgic trip with this album to finish it off and it gained too much hype.

  • Raphaël Pere
    Raphaël Pere

    Idk in my humble opinion this deserves a strong 7

  • Adam Schlinker
    Adam Schlinker

    Got real sad about this album. I am such a Donald Glover fanboy. I am so easy to impress when it comes to anything he creates. But man....I can't get through this album. I want to like it so bad.

  • The Chef Symbol
    The Chef Symbol

    yeah... this is a dog shit pretentious review

    • The Chef Symbol
      The Chef Symbol

      Bruce T your right, but like an opinion I can also dislike it

    • Bruce T
      Bruce T

      It’s just his opinion you can still like it yo

  • AK74

    Think about how much Melon would love this album if Kendrick made it

  • raifer

    I think Fantano secretly likes this album he's already wearing a shirt with the album cover all over it

  • kenneth dickinson
    kenneth dickinson

    He should've given it a 3.15.20/10

  • Otay

    The artistic vision guiding these tracks is twin peaks

  • Ghosty

    Anthony, you need to stop giving everything that is white a 10. it is extremely racist melon.

  • Zay

    Listen to the album like it's a meme though, Tony. Then, you'll cry.

  • BigEaredLarry

    I liked 19.10 jus some to dance to

  • Vishal Venkat
    Vishal Venkat

    0.00 is basically the musical competence of modern Kanye.

  • Ernest Lyons
    Ernest Lyons

    Lol all you had to say was it wasn’t what you expected nigga said it’s trash when he still listening to the transition from time to 12.38 every other day

  • Monty Hickey
    Monty Hickey

    I listened for ages and I really tried to enjoy this album but i just cant. I would love someone to cut the extra shit from the start and end of each track then i might be able to enjoy it.

  • Lucas Baum
    Lucas Baum

    Bro I don't know I thought it was pretty cool. Maybe I need to listen to it again or something.

  • From the Back
    From the Back

    Clicks Video. Scrolls to description. Closes video. Rinse. Repeat.

  • Spyke Speagel
    Spyke Speagel

    This album scares me to death 😳🚬

  • Eric Jennings
    Eric Jennings

    Am I the only one that thinks 39.28 sounds exactly like a bill wurtz song?