Coronavirus VII: Sports: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver discusses the sudden disappearance of sports due to coronavirus, how their absence is impacting people emotionally and financially, and the complications of bringing them back anytime soon.
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  • Oon Ee Ng
    Oon Ee Ng

    Hey John, maybe time for a new episode on censorship. IRsoft deletes comments with the words 五 and 毛 together =)

  • OppressiveStraightWhiteMaleChristian

    Oh man, this show without the background laughter is as bad as The Big Bang Theory without a laugh track. I can't imagine being in 2020 and still thinking you are anti-establishment, while watching Viacom talking heads.

  • Lisa Kazmier
    Lisa Kazmier

    I live for these Adam Driver comments. I hope he's not too upset by 'em. Still...Shatter my knees you fuckable redwood!

  • Roman Cabrera
    Roman Cabrera

    Midnight Wisps!

  • WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation
    WalterRamjet HeroOfOurNation

    John Oliver discusses mental masturbation. How anyone can listen to this moron for more than 3 seconds is beyond belief! *_Hey John, GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE!_*

  • Hampus W
    Hampus W

    I've been watching marble lympics for some time now and this made me go nuts! GO OOOOOOOOOORANGERS!!!!!!!!

  • The Trainmobile
    The Trainmobile

    E-Sports E-Sports E-Sports E-Sports

  • The Trainmobile
    The Trainmobile

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="596">9:56</a> John is a masochist, and a sadist

  • Ryan Cooley
    Ryan Cooley

    This guy is a feminine little nerd

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    He’s really funny.

  • Morbot Trooper4
    Morbot Trooper4

    That marble league, i just cant believe something like that exist

  • Vaguely Vegan
    Vaguely Vegan

    thank you john for introducing me to marble racing.

  • DatAlphaLion

    No new episode this week.... *sadness noises*

  • aquaillusiongirl

    John you forgot to mention Nascar is back!

  • Saghi Saghian
    Saghi Saghian

    Wow! Bravo! Wise, wise sponsorship! :))))

  • Curtis Hatten
    Curtis Hatten

    bay n.b.c. gear the sick ass crimanl gov. owner wont us dead look it up wake up open your mind safe your life!!!!!

  • dan lowe
    dan lowe

    Has someone already made the Lord Farquaad meme comment? I’m going to assume someone has but say it anyway. “Some of you may die … but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.”

  • grant henry panganiban
    grant henry panganiban

    Dang the shade coming towards the Oceanics gotta hurt

  • CrystalKids

    I love this man! John is a treasure... and a blessing to marble racers everywhere

  • elkor101


  • James Lescott
    James Lescott

    "oh fuck yes" The marbles

  • Victoria Forrer
    Victoria Forrer

    Spit balling here, being on a carrier keeps you contained with only the pass of supplies by the merchant marine. Yes, sometimes you miss important events. But, if done with care a bubble system can work

  • Bharadwaj Kamesh
    Bharadwaj Kamesh

    Fuck yeah! That trailer has me HYPED!

  • Them Ustar Dprin Ce
    Them Ustar Dprin Ce

    Just quick-scrolling through the comments and thinking everyone is talking about Jenna Marbles...

  • Leonardo Kuwer Saenz Artioli
    Leonardo Kuwer Saenz Artioli

    You magnificent beast !!! Great content.

  • Commando303X

    I appreciate this is one of those rare episodes of this program in which a topic is discussed without the engineering of heroes and villains.

  • hawaiisunfun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1252">20:52</a> coolest universe perspective. it's like every marble is its own universe!

  • hawaiisunfun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1218">20:18</a> I say we gotta sponsor the marbles for life! Otherwise we'll have lost our marbles for sure!

  • forisma


  • MrHistory 808
    MrHistory 808

    We got him! We got him! *The show hit 8 million subscribers*

  • The Smokologist
    The Smokologist

    I literally had to stop this video because I was laughing so hard I could not see. Only minutes in.

  • Hayrunnisa Yılmaz
    Hayrunnisa Yılmaz

    Şu an cezanizi çekiyorsunuz

  • hawaiisunfun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1010">16:50</a> if sports didn't come back, I'd be fine with it. I admire the Olympics, but the other sports are just entertainment. Let's get in e-sports going if people really want entertainment - Marble runs - cool!

  • Pronto

    Trump's self-awareness finally kicks in when he realizes during a pandemic press conference that he just told voters that he has been watching rerun baseball games on TV instead of DOING HIS FUCKING JOB. You know, the job he said Obama never did, because he was too busy playing golf.

  • No No
    No No

    When you question grown men slapping each other harder than you can hit a person with a Prius yet you forget about all the dry humping in wrestling and mma....

  • hawaiisunfun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> I have to admit - these are some of the coolest home workout videos I've seen yet!

  • hawaiisunfun

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> I think it's good that they're finding ways, because if there are more outbreaks in the future, they're ready

  • Aqeel Aliani
    Aqeel Aliani

    Ok that's it. That Adam Driver bit is now so overused, lame and annoying that I can't take the writers of this show as serious comedians. This show is still a good news show but as a far as comedy goes, it's not just going downhill, it has already reached the trough. I just have to unsubscribe at this point!

  • VK B
    VK B

    IPL is also suspended.😅

  • Neuro Weaver
    Neuro Weaver

    The absence of a laugh-track made obvious how unfunny this politically biased show is.

  • Fëanor

    HBO: GoT ended and we're probably fucked John Oliver: You fecking waht!?

  • Alonso Diaz
    Alonso Diaz

    John is the Hostus with the Mostus

  • Zach Briggs
    Zach Briggs

    Goddammit, you know what you did

  • Elena Pic
    Elena Pic

    OMG That was beautiful!

  • Teresa S
    Teresa S

    I haven't laughed this hard in quite a while. Thanks for this collaboration, John. You're a life saver! 😂👍

  • Alonso Diaz
    Alonso Diaz

    3rd child I'm not even sure if the mother should be there. 🤣

  • Melissa Channon
    Melissa Channon

    I'm just tuning in now for John's Adam Driver's love professions.

  • chris kosloski
    chris kosloski

    5 K dislikes... we know who the 5 thousand people at the beaches were now..... PS im scared to hell of whats going on! if people can say its not serious.....their full of ignorant bullshit... im 24 years old with a compromised immune system from being a preme baby.......

  • Piriathy

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="353">5:53</a> John would be the worst wife ever

  • Dwayne Powell
    Dwayne Powell

    John Oliver is seriously obsessed with Trump. Please find something else to talk about you wanker.

  • Joe Richey
    Joe Richey

    Lol @ how the mainstream isn’t complaining that much about the arts- orchestras, galleries, and theatres all wish to open up asap too... arguably doing much better things for the community during these times.

  • Abdullah Al Mamun
    Abdullah Al Mamun

    Hi, I am a regular viewer of your channel. Recently I watched a video I want you to comment on it. I am sharing the

  • J Silva
    J Silva

    UFC doing Mortal Kombat

  • wadie zaidi
    wadie zaidi

    I hope sports never comes back

  • TK Morton
    TK Morton

    I'm so fucking excited I love the Marble League so much!!!

  • Bryce Falk
    Bryce Falk

    Nothing better than drinking with the boys and watching the marble Olympics. This sponsorship makes me happy

  • Larry Hirsch
    Larry Hirsch

    Tests have varying numbers of false positives and false negatives.

  • randall davis
    randall davis

    Vince would sell those guys if he thought he could get away with it.

  • Ian Lai
    Ian Lai

    Cut the Oceanics some slack. They were under a lot of pressure being the hosts and all.

  • Amey Bhatiker
    Amey Bhatiker

    I stopped watching this video and switched to marble league run as soon as he mentioned it

  • Selena Aguilar
    Selena Aguilar

    I'm here just for the Adam Driver bits

  • CeruleanDragon1

    Naw, UF-SEA would be if it's fighting on a cruise ship or refurbished naval carrier. XD

  • Sacredhouse inTrees S.H.I.T
    Sacredhouse inTrees S.H.I.T

    I think i found my marbles! See Wintergatan Marble Machine X Race! Cool marbles

  • Steven Noble
    Steven Noble

    I feel like I never know what weeks last week tonight will be on. How many episodes are season are there?

  • Jamal Tyrone
    Jamal Tyrone

    Nice to see Ben Elton still has a job.

  • MrBowNaxe

    That's awesome! What a great idea and that's why everyone loves LWT!! Can't wait to see more exciting marble league racing...

  • under the empty sky
    under the empty sky

    Vince McMahons head doesn’t look like it belongs with that body. Like his head is obviously too small and tanned to go with that super wide pinstripe torso, like a reverse Pez dispencer.

  • Parankusam Srivathsa Raja gopal
    Parankusam Srivathsa Raja gopal

    John Oliver is obsessed with Adam Driver 😆

  • General Ablon
    General Ablon

    Imagine if they combine Adam Driver coming to the show with him reciting some Ted Cruz Seussian poetry about John.

  • Sumi Dumi
    Sumi Dumi

    Am i the only one or has anyone else noticed that John Oliver's hairstyle in this video has been his best look ever.

  • Reagan Luigi
    Reagan Luigi

    Dude, you are a fucken legend. I’m def tuning in June 21 😊

  • Laura Henderson
    Laura Henderson

    You "need" sports? Unless that is how you feed your babies, that's pathetic. Employed by sports? That's totally different. "WAAAAAA!!!! BUT I WAAAAANT IT!!!!" Mad pathetic

  • Loren Abell
    Loren Abell

    Duuude the marbal Olympics are the shit, your all a few years late!

  • Sarb Nitrof
    Sarb Nitrof

    Crazy idea; only the athletes who've tested negative for corona all gather up and continue playing their sport, and we televise it.....

  • Belle Lopez
    Belle Lopez

    Awesome Show! Objective yet Funny. Great job Marketing Dept while Helping. 👏

  • NiGo

    Wife cut my hair like bro.

  • Simshine95

    Sports are the most important things of all the least important things

  • Bruno Lira
    Bruno Lira

    Elon Musk went on Joe Rogan saying covid19 is ten timeless dangerous than what is being said and that people should be capable of doing what they want because freedom blablabla. Like a guy said there, he cant play with his rockets without his workers. He might be going mad.

  • mandolo

    Testing capacities are not at their limit here in Germany, which is one reason why the Bundesliga (Highest Soccer League in Germany) has resumed its competition without audience in the stadiums last week, with german basketball soon to follow. For these leagues, continuing without viewers makes more sense financially than not playing at all, and they have a testing and quarantine system in place quite similar to what Dr. Fauci suggested. Still, it's important to keep in mind that many leagues, for example the handball and ice hockey main leagues in germany, rely heavily on audience revenue because they do not earn as much from TV rights, so they are, to put it mildl,y absolutely screwed right now.

  • nanda mari
    nanda mari

    John Oliver is refreshing as he’s not a constant Trump-one-note.