COUPLES QUIZ: Husband and I Reveal the Truth!
All Things Adrienne
If you're gonna ask the questions, you GOTTA give the explanations! That's why this week Israel and I are breaking it down for you.


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  • All Things Adrienne
    All Things Adrienne

    Would you be good at this game if you played with your partner/friends?

    • Shane Tallon
      Shane Tallon

      Love love love you guys💚💙💜

    • Palesa Lebea
      Palesa Lebea

      You guys make me want to have a partner ❤❤❤

    • Retinue Of Fortuna
      Retinue Of Fortuna

      Niecey Reed M Oops

    • Retinue Of Fortuna
      Retinue Of Fortuna

      The Sage opposition to mm I’m L You don’t want anythingm jqjplo

    • Retinue Of Fortuna
      Retinue Of Fortuna

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  • Moneisha McBride
    Moneisha McBride

    My boyfriend is the biggest baby when sick🤣🤣 Love you guys!!

  • Brielle Imana
    Brielle Imana

    I died when Israel mouthed A’s “what’s up you guys” it’s his fun spirit for sure haha

  • Elizabeth Jerimie
    Elizabeth Jerimie

    Love you guys so much! This was such a great episode, I was literally laughing out loud, disturbing the peace fo my neighbors! 😂😂😂💖❤💖

  • Emy Dan
    Emy Dan

    OMG his dimple showed out when he lost wt. I never remember seeing them before

  • damn3dxlov3

    Pero like, Adrienne... I need a curly hair tutorial on this look. Looking bomb girl.

  • Catherine Frye
    Catherine Frye

    My husband and I know each other like a book. We have been married for 48 years! You and your husband are such a cute Couple!❤

  • Dian Campbell
    Dian Campbell

    Do you want to be right or reconciled...I am like that Israel...peace all the time

  • Cynthia Irakoze
    Cynthia Irakoze

    You guys are the best!! You just made my night!! This was so funny..More love from Maryland..

  • Gwenneth Payne
    Gwenneth Payne

    Love you guys nice💖💖

  • Daily Transformation Through God's Word with Sereca
    Daily Transformation Through God's Word with Sereca

    This was hilarious 🤣.

  • Pamela Silva
    Pamela Silva

    Omg Adrienne is looking A-mazing! Girl u on point mama, looking BEAUTIFUL 💋💙


    Love you both so much as a couple 🥰⭐️🥰

  • Latisha Moore
    Latisha Moore

    Good thing

  • Deana G
    Deana G

    I Love the videos with you two together ❤️

  • Doris Denson
    Doris Denson

    Are u washing your hands?

  • Tann Smith
    Tann Smith

    A!!!! I need the lip deets, yo! FLY! yall r so cute!

  • Sunflower Bezzie
    Sunflower Bezzie

    Totally have to do this with my friends

  • Nene Barraza
    Nene Barraza

    Yous are adorable!!!! I love you both!!!! And wow talk about transformation on the both you can tell you’d are working hard yous both look amazing!!!!

  • Tasha M
    Tasha M

    Couple Goals! 💚

  • Jessica

    Love the natural curly hair look, A.

  • Breanna Bailey
    Breanna Bailey


  • TLC Right Now
    TLC Right Now

    Omggggg I just love y'all so much!😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅

  • lily chua
    lily chua

    Cute couple ❤️

  • Marie DeBooth
    Marie DeBooth


  • alida flus
    alida flus

    They both look so good!!! Especially Israel!! Not that he didn't before he just look so fresh !! Its the God in them yassss

  • Akiyah

    Them jeans!!!!! Are those fashionova?

    • alida flus
      alida flus

      I love how they both went on a healthy journey together! They are literally goals 😍 you guys look amazing!

  • Pearl Patience
    Pearl Patience

    My husband will moan and groan until I actually pay attention to the fact that he is sick. He is a big baby

  • Cassy Wright
    Cassy Wright

    Adrienne, are you a lukewarm Christian and do you know ab the End times. I’ve seen you cussing and stuff like that but you say you’re Christian so that confuses me. THIS IS NOT AT ALLLL HATE !!!

  • Nkusi Pearl
    Nkusi Pearl

    This was sooooo funny! Israel and Adrienne are yolked. And they have Jesus 😪😪 happy for you

  • Shane Tallon
    Shane Tallon

    I love love love you guys and been a long time fan and I loved in this video when y’all did the flashback because Israel looks so much better he looks healthier and happier he lost weight he doesn’t have the gray hair he looks much younger and useful Adrianne you polished him up🖤💚💙💜

  • Tval valdary
    Tval valdary

    That’s awesome that Israel is friendly, my mom is the same way!! It’s definitely a gift from God!

  • Tval valdary
    Tval valdary

    Y’all are a beautiful couple!! So glad to see Adrienne dressed appropriate . When you are covered I can focus on the topic. No offense.

  • Donovans reviews
    Donovans reviews

    He gives to others because he's a shopaholic. 😆

  • annie randriambeloson
    annie randriambeloson

    you guys are amazing

  • Yemmy Topey
    Yemmy Topey

    God bless both of you. I’m definitely losing weight. Weight loss looks good on Israel. You give out lovely and relatable content

  • Binta McCarther
    Binta McCarther

    Israel is looking good !!! and you too adrienne the curls look gr8 ❤️

  • Jennifer Ferreras
    Jennifer Ferreras

    Oh my God her husband looks younger almost like a different person!

  • Jennifer Ferreras
    Jennifer Ferreras

    Damn irs cute how the know everything about each other

  • Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa
    Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa

    "Que the song: she got her own" 😅😅😅

  • Divergent_gift

    God really made you for eachother. He litterally took time to make you for each other. Perfect couple!! I love you and I hope you come to Namibia after lockdown, i have the hookups for awesome resorts🥰❣🇳🇦🇳🇦🇳🇦

  • AD NYC
    AD NYC

    He looks great! Shes beautiful of course

  • Laurie Gaspar
    Laurie Gaspar

    I love how they both went on a healthy journey together! They are literally goals 😍 you guys look amazing!

  • Renee Nicolaou
    Renee Nicolaou

    Adrienne can you PLEASE do a video on how you get your hair looking so beautiful! I have curly hair and its more of a frizz ball. Love you guys!!!

  • Keila Padilla
    Keila Padilla

    ''we're married, we good'' 😂😂😂

  • Lindi Mindi
    Lindi Mindi

    Wow.... Israel lost so much weight...He looks now much Younger. Good Job👌👍🏼

  • Anelani Njokwana
    Anelani Njokwana

    You guys looks great, especially when I compare the clip of Adrienne initiating a first kiss.

  • lilqueenhustler

    Ok ,y’all look amazing !... another great video

  • Alice

    marriage is a covenant between 2 FORGIVERS!!!

  • Ze

    “We married, we good” lol Israel said DONT PLAY WITH ME! ME AND MY WOMAN ARE ON LOCK 😂 love to see it 💕

  • bilishu aliss
    bilishu aliss

    Not that your husband was ever old to me but since he been with you he looks YOUNGER👀 can anyone agree???? Like this comment!

  • Take Care of You too
    Take Care of You too

    OMG men cannot take pain. My husband is the worst🤣

  • Chimere Ballard
    Chimere Ballard

    They both look great! He reminds me of my fiancé, his smile lights up his face

    • bilishu aliss
      bilishu aliss

      I'm not gonna lie when I see u have Israel on, I click faster. I do that for all channels. I just love seeing how couples interact. You and Israel are just my favourite. You too just cl

  • Amber Mccutchen
    Amber Mccutchen

    Adrienne my husband Isaiah is a baby when he is sick or when he is not feeling well sincerely yours Mrs Amber McCutchen

  • Jessie D
    Jessie D

    😁😂😉 sis you need to get the husband a meeting HAT SHOPPERS ANONYMOUS 😉😉💞 You are the most adorable couples bless you

  • Whyvvon

    I love that you guys asked multiple people to ask you guys questions🤩

  • Ikeba Hamilton
    Ikeba Hamilton

    Adrienne, Israel looks younger girl Love you both all the way from T&T 🇹🇹🇹🇹

  • Jessie D
    Jessie D

    Are you sure he is not Canadian😉. I am Canadian, my children says that I make friends easily I could go to a pharmacy and start a conversation with someone with any problem. I always say to good morning or hi to someone is free But putting a small on someone's face is priceless. We Never know what can a simple hello or good morning a smile a person. Just the tiny acknowledgment could do so much for someone. it maybe change their day or their life. GOOD JOB BROTHER. Adrienne🔥GREAT JOB for the haircut and the hairstyle ✂💺🔱 May the most high bless you and your lovely wife with all the family💜.

  • Ginika onaga
    Ginika onaga

    You both look amazing Israel seem to be aged backwards in this video. Would love to know the secret I know A has gone vegan. Please share your secret Ize.

  • Come to Jesus before it is too late
    Come to Jesus before it is too late

    Acts <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="199">3:19</a> Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, 20 that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus.

  • uda wyma
    uda wyma

    Both your bodies look great!

  • Alice Travels and Vlogs
    Alice Travels and Vlogs

    He is looking much younger! Stay safe!

  • Liz Beth
    Liz Beth

    Look at y'all! Snatched!!!! Omg. Also, I'm ready for a baby Houghton!

  • cheryl bradley
    cheryl bradley

    Yesss my husband will have a regular cold and will be like babe my body hurts can you check my head. I need soup babe how much medicine do I take. 🙄 But when I'm sick with 102 fever I'm still cooking, doing laundry and I swear he gives the Kids money just to call my name 100xs more🤯

  • Lilian Kamara
    Lilian Kamara

    You look good guys 😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • Lilian Kamara
    Lilian Kamara

    I love you guys 😆😆😆😆

  • gorgeous wales
    gorgeous wales

    So cute😊

  • kids Z
    kids Z

    He lost so much weight

  • Tweeti Byrd
    Tweeti Byrd

    I'm not gonna lie when I see u have Israel on, I click faster. I do that for all channels. I just love seeing how couples interact. You and Israel are just my favourite. You too just click and bounce off each others energy, its beautiful

  • Moe DeMonroe
    Moe DeMonroe

    I love them! This was so fun, sooo let’s talk about how y’all look great together. Israel keep it up and Adrienne 😍😍! The vibes were so good. Love love this.

  • Katherine Willis
    Katherine Willis ය "ස්ටාර්සමනල" නොවේ විනිවිද හෝ මෝඩයෝ වත් scoundrels.පස

  • begorgeous89

    Im really not trying to be mean but why does Adrienne look weird in some pictures? Like too much Botox or something idk? She’s gorgeous like why mess with it...

  • Nate Z
    Nate Z

    they’re so cute together!!!

  • Jacey Lee
    Jacey Lee

    My husband is the worst when he is sick . I just had my second c section on the 11th , and all I have heard since we came home is " I have a headache . Or oh my back hurts so bad today. Or I'm just uncomfortable." Like some one man I just had my second major surgery can you please shut up lol .

  • Carolyn Kettle
    Carolyn Kettle

    😂😂😂.....what’s a Canadian suit? ✌🏽❤️🇨🇦

  • gloria nsereko
    gloria nsereko

    You 2 are funny...I love it...

  • Demi Jo
    Demi Jo

    "My money"? 😂😂😂



  • Sv Be
    Sv Be

    You guys look great! But girl, leave his hair alone hahaha. I think you shaved some hair off the top. 😂 And pleeeaaae do a house update soon, I‘m super curious to see what it looks like now 🏡💕

  • SilantoA

    🥰you guys give me hope🙏🏾