Painting 🎨 iPhone 11’s 📱
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  • Booga Booga
    Booga Booga

    bruh this makes me sad i want a custom i phone lol

  • Rio Refinaldi
    Rio Refinaldi

    I from Indonesian, I hope I can get the iPhone Instagram : riovalleri_16

  • Rio Refinaldi
    Rio Refinaldi

    So amazing

  • Krixsanium Gaming
    Krixsanium Gaming

    Stop putting this music dude its so irittatibg

  • Luna Lewandowski
    Luna Lewandowski

    HE actually seems like the one texting his mom more

  • Nicole Rodriguez-W
    Nicole Rodriguez-W

    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why: because I'm bored and I never had a iphone


    "iPhone entry" "Done" Why? because id like to eat a banana and would like to send a photo of it to my mom

  • Teeh N
    Teeh N

    Phone entry in the bag 💨💯

  • you don't care
    you don't care

    "iphone entery" "done" why: well my mom has a bad phone and she bought me a really good one so i want to give it to her

  • carter russell
    carter russell

    “iphone entry” “done” why: bc i have a crappy phone and it is really slow

  • Muhamad Ilham
    Muhamad Ilham

    bang for one, iphon 11 nyah

  • Kaydee Harper
    Kaydee Harper

    "iphone entry" "Done" Why: Cause i'm in high school with an iphone 6 lol and they look amazing :)


    Id love you to do a British 50 pound note (marko style of course) on the back of my Huawei. That'll be dope af.

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar


  • Brianna Nichole
    Brianna Nichole

    I’m literally binging all your videos... and it’s totally with it 😭😭🤩

  • Mike Gamer
    Mike Gamer

    I am India one phone gift plz

  • Sam Foma'i
    Sam Foma'i

    I did it

  • Prince Ojakorotu
    Prince Ojakorotu

    “iPhone entry” “done” never won a giveaway so what the heck 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Spanishjazz Nazario
    Spanishjazz Nazario

    I have Never owned an iphone would you like to send me one🥰 probably would not know how to use it anyway lol gramma in Pa

  • chanvi vlog
    chanvi vlog

    iPhone entry Done I really wanted an iPhone

  • Dk 099
    Dk 099

    iPhone entry Don🌈♥️ Love u all Best of luck 😘

  • Athaya Tazkiana
    Athaya Tazkiana

    Aku mauuuuu😭💖🤩😍

  • Ajay yadav
    Ajay yadav

    He is a mix between gawx art and zhc

  • Wyatt Standish
    Wyatt Standish

    lemme get the phone lol

  • hlulani mzimba
    hlulani mzimba

    Oh, its tomorrow

  • hlulani mzimba
    hlulani mzimba

    iPhone entry done" Silver iPhone 11 pro max "why:" I'm not gonna lie you, I need a phone (period), I will not say I cannot afford it, but I can't. I'm 13 and my birthday is on the 28 so I've said it all. Thanks

  • Jamicah Vlogs
    Jamicah Vlogs

    One: I’ve been subscribed , Bells on, and followed u on Instagram Two: this is a phone entry. And 3: Maybe you could you know slip me one because the one I bought said It can be shipped because of “corona” all that money went down the drain and my mom said I can’t buy another phone 🥺🥺 so it would be nice if you could you give me one since I already love you and watch all your videos (also like and comment) if you don’t you know imma still watch your videos . I would just love you a lot more than I already do ...💕💞

  • Tejas Thakur
    Tejas Thakur

    “Iphone entry”. “Done” Why: because my last phone antenna broke and couldn’t use network services or either call someone for more than half a year . Couldn’t find a place to fix it, and with some more bad luck the screen broke and nearly 80 percent of the display frozed. Really need a phone rn 😭

  • Ini Ginda.
    Ini Ginda.

    ZHC better

  • Customshoes Italia
    Customshoes Italia

    Woow give me one 😂😂🙈👍

  • Lilleaky robinson
    Lilleaky robinson

    All done I have watch u Al way I phone please

  • Kylee Anthony
    Kylee Anthony


  • Kylee Anthony
    Kylee Anthony

    Your wall is so cool I love the design

  • jayfet

    64k comments that are all mostly stupid lame ass phone entry jokes yet not one about the name of the fucken song

  • jayfet

    64k comments that are all mostly stupid lame ass phone entry jokes yet not one about the name of the fucken song

  • Bramwel Otieno
    Bramwel Otieno

    Can you please make my legs look amazing 😞😞

  • Eljay Zoleta
    Eljay Zoleta

    i am yours marko im from the manila

  • Jozf D Beast
    Jozf D Beast

    Hey marko.. Could u give me a phone

  • EddDee

    Suite for childish user's

  • Alex Metcalf
    Alex Metcalf

    The drip checker one is sick

  • Audrey Balmos
    Audrey Balmos

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: because my Android phone i using now is broken the left screen cannot touch it and the speaker is broken too im just using earphone to hear some sounds and the cam is broken too, i hope i win because I've never experienced to have an iphone phone too it's too expensive :(

  • Mayur Panchal
    Mayur Panchal

    Hii marko

  • Abiola Afolabi
    Abiola Afolabi

    How doese the art not scrape off?

  • Alejandro Tejeda Gonzalez
    Alejandro Tejeda Gonzalez

    "iPhone entry" "DONE" why: I've been wanting to get a new phone but i spent my money trying to start customizing shoes

  • Cosmic Mirror
    Cosmic Mirror

    Who got em?.. I'm in ya school .. Aye We like Watermellomade n u know it.. jus b like that.. I hope ppl see the Art n not the Fab (canvas) abstracts complements you

    • Cosmic Mirror
      Cosmic Mirror


    • Cosmic Mirror
      Cosmic Mirror

      Hydro needs stract

    • Cosmic Mirror
      Cosmic Mirror


  • portia harridan
    portia harridan

    "IPHONE ENTRY" Done Why: never had an iPhone and always wanted one. I also love art so having a cool design on the iPhone also suits my personality :p

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army

    I want one zebra one

  • Yashodeeep Ingle
    Yashodeeep Ingle

    Lots of love from India ❤❤

  • Karol King
    Karol King

    IPhone entry Done Why: My sister got one at age 7. I’m now 15 and still don’t get one. NOT FAIR.

  • Riya Borgohain
    Riya Borgohain

    I phone entry 😻done😻. Why : no reason just I want it . I know you never give it to me bcz I'm from Assam 💜 .. love from Assam Dear

  • InFiReS mAn
    InFiReS mAn

    Can you make a bts case?

  • Abreezy 24
    Abreezy 24

    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: Because my phone broke and my parents refuse to buy me a new one.

  • Mpendulo Herald Mhlongo
    Mpendulo Herald Mhlongo

    Wow you're so talented

  • Haya Moubayed
    Haya Moubayed

    Who loves Marko 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • Sergio Tomas
    Sergio Tomas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="27">0:27</a> song?pls

  • Kiana

    Ahhhh I love your art style so muchhh I normally do character design stuff so watching u do graffiti type (that’s what it looks like to me) art i wanna do it

  • Paula Suarez Azcarate
    Paula Suarez Azcarate

    "IPHONE ENTRY" "Done" Why: because I have never had an iPhone and I really want one

  • Samuel Korley
    Samuel Korley

    Fam i love your work its beautiful.. and you are hilarious.. you are great......

  • Aleena D Dj
    Aleena D Dj

    I really like the 4th one

  • sujan gurung
    sujan gurung

    hi bro it me sujan

  • Errol john Tanquion
    Errol john Tanquion

    So very rich here in philipines our drean phone is Oppo😞 in america so very rich

  • wafaxxx9boy xxx
    wafaxxx9boy xxx

    please I won’t iPhone you can get

  • Miracle Muryanto
    Miracle Muryanto

    He buys 8 iphone just like buys 2 biscuits men

  • xXInfinity EdgexX
    xXInfinity EdgexX

    "iPhone Entry" "Done" Why: Because my Phone is Broken, and i so laggy. I want to have a new one for online class

  • Tarandeep Oberoi
    Tarandeep Oberoi

    "iPhone entry" "done" "why" - my phone is potato😂

  • #NFS_Supreme_Heat 465
    #NFS_Supreme_Heat 465

    Love your videos 👍🏻👌🏼🤯

  • Jevon Johnson
    Jevon Johnson

    I subscribed but I don’t have a phone or instagram

  • Eva Mema
    Eva Mema

    "iphone entry 'Done why because ... soon I have a birthday and an iphone would be a nice gift🤗💕


    "Iphone entry" "Done" Why: iam playing PUBG for local divaice for htc u play full lag and 968ms only plzz give me


    give me one phone plz My phone is local htc u play😪

  • Sari Agustina
    Sari Agustina

    Hallo saya dari Indonesia

  • cody Culverhouse
    cody Culverhouse

    Those are dope

  • 1000 subscribers with few video
    1000 subscribers with few video

    I have never had an iphone, i really want it

  • 1000 subscribers with few video
    1000 subscribers with few video

    Can i get only one

  • 1000 subscribers with few video
    1000 subscribers with few video

    Where is for your bosnian dad

  • Zaid Khan
    Zaid Khan

    Hey im biggest fan of you im from india i like your all videos can you send me one costome i phone plz its my dream

  • Thue Gabisan
    Thue Gabisan


  • Kopyor Jr
    Kopyor Jr


  • Geo Mendez
    Geo Mendez

    How do you enter

  • Brandon Borja
    Brandon Borja

    iwan't iphone, but idon't have enough maney...😥😥😥