Dating a Gold Digger (Part 2) | Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi
This was filmed before any quarantine and we respect social distancing.
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    • Fatima Junaid patel
      Fatima Junaid patel

      Adam's reactions is totally convincing and his always right. And Anwar is jus so innocent and nice and trust to quickly. ❤💝👍👍👌🤗🤗🥰☺️🌸🌞🌼

    • Brianna Young
      Brianna Young

      He stupid

    • Kate-abby Fenton
      Kate-abby Fenton


    • Cattle Girl
      Cattle Girl

      Actually my name is Adam

    • Deggan Dahir
      Deggan Dahir


  • jhplayz 3
    jhplayz 3

    That's so annoying she killed u for the money

  • Dominico savio
    Dominico savio

    When she said thaf Pablo is super gay If im anwar i'll be like: "proof it! "

  • Bianca Cuevas
    Bianca Cuevas

    That maybe inbreresing

  • sahm alden
    sahm alden

    What is the girl name (the gold digger)

  • Sandwich King
    Sandwich King

    Ok then...

  • Esmeralda Araujo
    Esmeralda Araujo


  • Jarrett Davis
    Jarrett Davis

    When she looked at Adam she looked creepy when you said your gonna kill it it was so creepy anwari seems dumb

  • Yolian Dawit
    Yolian Dawit

    She is a fucking gold digber

  • Matthew Zheng
    Matthew Zheng

    Anwar is just like a baby just say ok to everything

  • HSN Kids
    HSN Kids

    On my days am I the only one who got so angry bcus Anwar didnt realise that she's a gold either 😂

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams

    Z D

  • aqonyahan abdizalam hereri
    aqonyahan abdizalam hereri

    anwar.. can i help you gold digger . hey honey hhhhhhhhh

  • Dana world
    Dana world

    Who want part 3 👇🏻

  • Adriana Lancerio
    Adriana Lancerio

    werid you should have trust adam

  • Diana Tarek
    Diana Tarek

    The pool boy actually looks like the man in GTA..

    • ImInYourCloset

      Yeah at the beach or director mode

  • Adame Camara
    Adame Camara


  • Josie Hill
    Josie Hill

    could u do another one maybe after you get saved by the hospital or something? please!!!

  • MR_edits_ Q8
    MR_edits_ Q8

    Always the friend is right

  • Sophia Slime The first
    Sophia Slime The first

    Gold digging for a gold DIGGER

  • dania Batates
    dania Batates

    we all need an Adam in our life

  • Michelle Raybone
    Michelle Raybone

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  • Michelle Raybone
    Michelle Raybone

    She is a gold digger!

  • Dalilah Rodriguez
    Dalilah Rodriguez

    i want a part 3

  • Ibrahim Alasadi
    Ibrahim Alasadi

    Best short movies

  • laneisha johonson
    laneisha johonson

    can we have more

  • Prpple Sourdiesel
    Prpple Sourdiesel

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> the first time you smoke weed and get paranoid

  • kyle tv
    kyle tv

    Noice vid but dwamb bwoi

  • V\Minecraft GIRL
    V\Minecraft GIRL


  • V\Minecraft GIRL
    V\Minecraft GIRL

    Adam should create a channel

  • Karen Shute
    Karen Shute

    hi anwar

  • Sheen Johnston
    Sheen Johnston

    😂😂😂 I like his friend! He's so smart 😂 I had to repeat the video.

  • UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship
    UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Anwar you are being played by a girl and Adam is showing you

  • 5_Jol

    She a girl digger But she don’t know how to digging

  • Damiah Burley
    Damiah Burley

    Adam strikes again..😂

  • Abdale Ahmed
    Abdale Ahmed

    Bro just believe in Adam

  • Rain Mom
    Rain Mom

    Yup she wants to kill u

  • Nuriya Isaac
    Nuriya Isaac

    Gold digger checkkkkkkkkkk

  • ศรัญญู จันทร์ผ่อง
    ศรัญญู จันทร์ผ่อง


  • Cailey And Mariah
    Cailey And Mariah

    So I'm guessing this is the end of bro code

  • Ikram ahmed Zubair
    Ikram ahmed Zubair

    My fav video all over youtube

  • Nancy Tacuepian
    Nancy Tacuepian

    No I edited the comment you liked 😭😭😢

  • Desiree Milburn
    Desiree Milburn

    Money 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

  • Fatima Junaid patel
    Fatima Junaid patel

    Lmao Adam is always right and is truly Anwar best friend and honestly that cake was looking divine..Anwar and adam is the best together. 💜❤💝👌👌👍🥰🤗🤗☺️☺️

  • Bree Bree
    Bree Bree

    I almost died when he said 🦸‍♂️ hey mandy we're breaking up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vanessa Castillo
    Vanessa Castillo


  • Fishy-II


  • Sohail Ahmed
    Sohail Ahmed


  • Da Sun
    Da Sun

    I literally can't stop laughing like if I was the friend I would've literally dipped or killed them immediately

  • Alexi Oghli
    Alexi Oghli

    Dude your part 1 was 3 years ago

  • Millicent Olingo
    Millicent Olingo

    I hate '

  • jb Camxx94
    jb Camxx94

    I need part 3✌🏻✌🏻😁

  • Mostafa Adam
    Mostafa Adam

    I learned a lesson

  • Amaria Dorce
    Amaria Dorce


  • Ketawa Yuk
    Ketawa Yuk

    anwar and adam are the best

  • Swuvie Luscious
    Swuvie Luscious

    Has anyone else seen that Anwar is next to a Green Screen

  • mujahid pasha
    mujahid pasha

    U both are so damn good together... Ur like real brother s

  • Exander Gonzalez
    Exander Gonzalez


  • Scroll62

    The very definition of a simp

  • Julie Kane
    Julie Kane

    She’s a gold digger. She’s literally digging🤣

  • A-G Vlogs
    A-G Vlogs

    Please do video like this again

  • Civi Ruiz
    Civi Ruiz

    You shund trust your. BFF

  • Civi Ruiz
    Civi Ruiz

    In this video

  • Civi Ruiz
    Civi Ruiz

    Nooooooo you are stupind

  • Julian Dunnink
    Julian Dunnink

    P sav yea ur right

  • Nakir Mahamud
    Nakir Mahamud

    There should be a last scene where yusuf comes and says " See, I was right".

  • Far Syed
    Far Syed

    Man he forgot to ask why she asked for his food allergies oof

  • Rimiki Mawblei
    Rimiki Mawblei

    We're done🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Omar Ilias
    Omar Ilias

    She has a shovel! 😂

  • papito Latelabwe
    papito Latelabwe

    .com to London

  • Faiz Said
    Faiz Said

    Bros before hoes didn't work out here lmao

  • safia hamed
    safia hamed

    Love you💟💟💟

  • safia hamed
    safia hamed


  • Miriam Flores
    Miriam Flores

    make a part 3

  • DCTV Legends
    DCTV Legends

    Part 3, bro Anwar

  • Cristian Rada
    Cristian Rada

    I love u guys this is the sec video we are done :D:P i love it GJ guys

  • Larry McRoberts
    Larry McRoberts

    Title: Dating a gold digger Me: inlove with someone that hurts me so much and makes me sad but cant leave them bc there the only person who makes me happy. Relates-

  • Irfan Hass
    Irfan Hass

    I hate these post some better ones dude😔

  • Conn Toons
    Conn Toons

    Who’s a better duo? Anwar and Adam or Rudy and Juanpa?

  • Adrian Versace
    Adrian Versace

    Make a Part 3