My Massive iPad Pro 2020 Unboxing!
We’ve got a bunch of tech from Apple to unbox today! Full reviews on the iPad Pro 2020 and MacBook Air 2020 coming soon!
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  • Marlana N.
    Marlana N.

    Does he purchase these or are they gifts?

  • girga zutshi
    girga zutshi

    He has so wide nose

  • Username • 15 years ago
    Username • 15 years ago

    One question if he is an average consumer, what are we? 😬

  • Amit Gupte
    Amit Gupte

    Wht the size of u iPad

  • Ahmed Al Adraj
    Ahmed Al Adraj

    Me: Do you want the 11inch ipad Wife: Nah I want the 12.9 Me: Why? Wife The bigger the better Me:” looking down at my d***”

  • Elias Contreras
    Elias Contreras

    BUT IT IS MORE DARKER AND THAT HOW I LIKE IT ME: .___________________.

  • Stella Nobelius
    Stella Nobelius

    Hi omg

  • Nur Amni
    Nur Amni

    does apple pencil 1 work with the new ipad pro pls tell me

  • Reza Bairami
    Reza Bairami


  • Krishan Chand Gupta
    Krishan Chand Gupta

    Two things , first <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="644">10:44</a>🤦🏻‍♂️.second <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="685">11:25</a> ... this man doesn’t damn care if he breaks it! The way he swung it🙎🏼‍♂️

  • BTS-17- Txt
    BTS-17- Txt

    no one: me: drop it! drop it! DROP IT!!!!!!

  • vishal chandegave
    vishal chandegave

    You stay in New York city right?

  • M.I.G Hindi Games
    M.I.G Hindi Games

    I totally feel jalousie

  • Rashad Warren
    Rashad Warren

    Can you tell your friends at Apple I would like the same box with everything in it please!!

  • I Sucks
    I Sucks

    did you get all of these for free?

  • Arc Boss
    Arc Boss


  • Arc Boss
    Arc Boss



    You rare anything but an 'Average Consumer'

  • FNAF fan 1
    FNAF fan 1

    If you were wondering, that is not a apartment, it is a penthouse.

  • Vincent Onde
    Vincent Onde

    I can’t afford that things I need that for my studies specially when I’m studying 😢 hope you noticed my comment I’m from Philippines

  • Vincent Onde
    Vincent Onde


  • Dan Storey
    Dan Storey

    Imagine watching this on my iPad whilst wondering where mine iPad is...

  • azizah Yousof
    azizah Yousof

    Berapa harga dia mahal sangat ke 😚😚☺️☺️

  • azizah Yousof
    azizah Yousof

    Dapat free laptop sekali ke 😍😍☺️☺️😚😚🤗🤗

  • azizah Yousof
    azizah Yousof

    Dapat berapa hadiah dia 🤩🤩☺️☺️

  • highbar12

    If Apple didn't send so much free stuff out to tech people that can afford the price, they could drop the price so ACTUAL Average Consumers could afford it.

  • adelia my adelia
    adelia my adelia

    Dapat berapa Hadiah

  • adelia my adelia
    adelia my adelia

    Berapa harga

  • Mohamed Khaled
    Mohamed Khaled

    Watching in my iPad Pro 2020 11inch

  • Allysson Dalangin
    Allysson Dalangin

    It hurts to see things you cant afford ☹️☹️☹️

  • ChunkyChankyChonkyChunk

    The dislikes are Samsung fans

  • Nayel Eyassu
    Nayel Eyassu

    I wish I had one for my drawings

  • Alea Ong Yiu
    Alea Ong Yiu

    How many ipads you need fr 😭

  • Gaming Adiks!
    Gaming Adiks!

    I wish i could buy one of the ipad mini5 or ipad air3:( edit: my mom and dad wont let me get 1 for my graduation

    • 1000 subs with 0 videos
      1000 subs with 0 videos

      Yea me too, I have the pro but I want the 2020 pro ;-;

  • Leahrobloxgaming

    What size is that iPad you bought?

  • Political Talks.
    Political Talks.

    Him: The colors differnt, instresting. Me: Why? Just why?

  • Francisco Cruz
    Francisco Cruz

    Is that the Surf Blue Sport Loop band?

  • Top_Hat

    Im more fascinated by His luxurious complex home

  • Jacob Atkins
    Jacob Atkins

    Hey guys would a Mac book pro 13 inch be good for school I have had no one tell me anything

  • Ved Thadisetty
    Ved Thadisetty

    Who loves watching people unbox things which you will never have?

  • Hayagrev S
    Hayagrev S

    he held the macbook with 3 fingers iam freaked out

  • Chow Wen Kang
    Chow Wen Kang

    I'm saving money for it but it was not even the half way ;( I want it so bad...

  • Vlogs With Emily
    Vlogs With Emily

    A little care package? That’s what he said Apple is telling expensive

  • Usagiru

    love the video! Love Tidus and Squall in the back as well!

  • Irfan Butt
    Irfan Butt

    Is this magic keyboard compatible with ipad pro 2018 version?

  • Sandra stevensonS
    Sandra stevensonS

    y does the it use a usb type c and not lightning??

  • Taryn Smith
    Taryn Smith

    This is a different question, what kind of couch do you have? I’m looking for something similar. Great video by the way. I’m absolutely getting a iPad Pro

  • noah bowes
    noah bowes

    and lookie lookie here comes cookie

  • Rija Hassan
    Rija Hassan

    Who else wants one of these like below. , I do 🖐

  • Zayed Sultan
    Zayed Sultan

    I have everything from Apple

  • Arish Gobind
    Arish Gobind

    From the beginning of the year it will not be able to show

  • Alexxis ward
    Alexxis ward

    ..Fa sho, dont I know dis dude from somewhere, is that a penthouse he's shooting this from? He may have chosen the wrongs/n for his channel, or mabe he's just so used to being in front of the camera or better yet, everyone's got a highly unrecognizable face and this what your Average Joe Superstar does in his spare time.. mow the lawn, take the trash out, keep you face in the limelight, Lol

  • Larae’s TLC Reborns and more
    Larae’s TLC Reborns and more

    Trying to save up to get my son one for college but daughter was hit by a truck so medical bills and work due to co vid 19 made it harder thanks for the review o know once I'm able to it'll be worth it

  • Arturo Villegas Zamudio
    Arturo Villegas Zamudio

    Does the trackpad works with the 3rd generation iPad Pro?


    learn how to open the ipad correctly please that was way to fast my dude

  • wHiTe BeAr -
    wHiTe BeAr -

    When he said bionic chip, It reminded me of Lab Rats

  • Janine Wenn
    Janine Wenn

    Great channel

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider

    Ur average consumer is not an average consumer

  • GreninjaPlayz Roblox & More
    GreninjaPlayz Roblox & More

    This is how to get sweaty on fortnite.

  • Epic Channel
    Epic Channel

    Can you do a giveaway

  • Apple

    You forgot to get the new iPad Pro Wheels

  • Gagandeep Kaur
    Gagandeep Kaur

    Can I get one


    Will they ever make a smart battery case for it?

  • Gabe Ramon
    Gabe Ramon

    could you give away a ipad or something because apparently you already have all of this stuff.

  • Sean L
    Sean L

    Dang ! I’m getting one as soon as the Apple Store re-opens post pandemic 👍🏽

  • ??

    I kinda hope they introduce an iPad Pro Mini or Mini Pro and a MacBook Air Pro or Pro Air.

    • ??

      It’s basically something super good packed into something very small or thin

    • ??

      Or an iPad Mini with the looks and specs of an iPad Pro that also has the thin design and no home button.

    • ??

      I wanna have a MacBook Air with the specs of a MacBook Pro

    • ??

      I know

    • Ali Haider
      Ali Haider

      ?? There is a MacBook Pro

  • Talha Sufi
    Talha Sufi

    What ring light do you have in the back? Can you tell the brand?

  • Sophie M
    Sophie M

    I feel hroke

  • Feng Yi Ou
    Feng Yi Ou

    Nowadays OS and IOS are mentally ill product, all flat out , dumb pressed ‘no pop up message’ design are donkey ass sick fvvckkk mindless design! Looney toon think tank that gone shit!

  • Feng Yi Ou
    Feng Yi Ou

    Why Apple company should be fired! I’m deleting over 6,000 photos, it gives no progress bar, showing no message of how long it would take! Each time I get back into the DELETED PHOTO folder the 6,000 deleted pics are still there! So I’ve to delete them again and yet no progress bar showing of anything, no messages of how long it would take to delete the 6,000 photos!

  • Berkley Lindsey
    Berkley Lindsey

    How much was all of that?

  • syed hasan
    syed hasan

    U r a mega consumer; 😉🙃

  • BadBeastPlayz !
    BadBeastPlayz !

    I want it so bad!😥🤤🤤🤤

  • kalyankumar Bethi
    kalyankumar Bethi

    I wish I had an iPad Pro 2020

  • Goyam Bansal
    Goyam Bansal

    Seriously...what do you do for a dont say ‘please’😂 Hit the like button if you are a himym fan

  • The Economist
    The Economist

    2007: Buys 1 Macbook 2020: Buys 1 ipad pro + apple pencil + magic keyboard + dongles + apple care + cables

  • Big Baller
    Big Baller

    Just cause you can afford it doesn’t mean that you need it! Make up your own Mind on what you need! Real ballers know how to think for themselves .

  • Pro G
    Pro G

    " That’s computer money yall." No, that’s Apple money!

  • Rashid Khan
    Rashid Khan

    Give me this i pad

  • Charles Kim
    Charles Kim

    There’s always someone who says “oh derp he’s not an average consumer” Well that’s what hard work gets you, cuz he damn well started as one. Y’all don’t know the journey, y’all just see the finished product. He worked his way up here.

    • Charles Kim
      Charles Kim

      Victor Gaudin LOL, ay getting good at fort nite is tough lol

    • Shon Evans
      Shon Evans

      @Charles Kim Apple sends it because it's free marketing for them, they allow him to use his following to promote their product without having to spend extra funds on marketing. And I never said he didn't work for it, and you don't need a huge production team for companies to send you products, it's all business on both ends.

    • Victor Gaudin
      Victor Gaudin

      Hey, it's just a joke lol, we're not dumb at all, getting successful in youtube is hard( except if you're a guy that makes fortnite XD) it's just that an average consumer would not buy the best iPad with it's pen and keyboard on a daily basis.

    • Rekkah Williams
      Rekkah Williams

      Not only that they miss the fact companies sends him stuff to review. He sometimes gives away the stuff you just can’t satisfy folks.

    • Charles Kim
      Charles Kim

      Shon Evans and why does apple send it? Or how does he have a production team? OH cuz he worked his way up to this point. Idk how many people you think work for him, he doesn’t have more than a few people.