My Response to Joe Rogan’s $100 Million Deal with Spotify
Joe Rogan is leaving IRsoft. Patrick Bet-David gives his perspective on the $100 million Spotify deal and what it means for content creators.
“The popular podcaster sold his 11-year-old “The Joe Rogan Experience” series to Spotify SPOT+8.44% in a licensing deal that’s reportedly worth more than $100 million, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday. Rogan’s full library - which adds up to almost 1,500 episodes, which weren’t available on the streaming service before - will hit Spotify beginning Sept. 1. Episodes of the video podcast are currently available on IRsoft, but will move off the Alphabet GOOG+2.42% platform to be exclusive to Spotify by the end of the year.”
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  • Valuetainment

    Who won? Who lost?

    • Dan Taylor
      Dan Taylor

      I think google has lost out big time. He counts for so much traffic, traffic equals money

    • James Ryan Carpio
      James Ryan Carpio

      your cousin vinny

    • Bobby B
      Bobby B

      @John gatti He May be..But he is Loaded Now..

    • Crystal rod Of power
      Crystal rod Of power

      Money money money thats all its about your all frauds.

    • sks

      nice 666 hand signs

  • Blasphy B
    Blasphy B

    Gooooogle owns Spotify. What a censored sellout.

  • Mill Eudic
    Mill Eudic

    Spotify is subscription based. Not many will rush to it.

  • Christian Kalonda
    Christian Kalonda

    Next Spotify move: expands on video sharing platform

  • Fit Bit
    Fit Bit

    Patrick teaches me something every time I listen to his videos.

  • Qrow Anthony
    Qrow Anthony

    You have to talk to Joe Rogan sometime it would be two great men talking it would make history I bet ! You both are my best inspirations

  • Arjun Madhavan
    Arjun Madhavan

    They didn't make 5 billion in 48 hours, the market cap for the public company grew. Not saying the 100 million to JRE is not worth it, but looking at it this way doesn't make sense.

  • Max Gottfried
    Max Gottfried

    Lmao who cares, I did well long before I knew about Joe Rogan’s podcast and I’ll do fine after it. I’m not gonna be sold to Spotify.

  • The Observer
    The Observer

    If I have to pay I won't listen, bye Joe Rogan.

  • Tolulope Dahunsi
    Tolulope Dahunsi

    THis means War and its gonna be interestig..

  • Ken Xiong
    Ken Xiong

    Big win for Spotify

  • Dr. Tetramin Flakes
    Dr. Tetramin Flakes

    should got 300 million, joe got short changed

  • KalonOrdona2

    But doesn't Google own Spotify?!

  • DarthHater100

    Bad news for Rogan's career. Obviously he will have more money than he could ever spend, but getting off of IRsoft is a bad move for the show.

  • JimL

    Spotify has been under pressure from Apple and Google. So this is a natural move.

  • Martin Kulik
    Martin Kulik

    this Iranian man is very smart man!

  • Johnny Johnson
    Johnny Johnson

    Gotta ask urself, is greed good? Well michael Bloomberg says hell yes! But is it good for humanity, he’s worth 45 billion dollars. If you own a house and a few cars, food in the fridge and in ur stomach... with a few dollars and job security wtf is somebody gonna do with that much money? He doesn’t do charity, doesn’t care for animals or the homeless. He looks out for #1, oh and by the way he just pissed away 700 million dollars to try to be president. Corporate greed has to stop! As long as republicans exist, it’ll never happen unfortunately

  • kodeman 21
    kodeman 21

    Wow 5 billion hey an u know what us Rogan views will go to spottify an same with Joey diaz

  • Frank Nicholas Dale
    Frank Nicholas Dale

    You can talk about all this big money , we’ll wait for later this year it will all fall down, the USA as the rest of the world has a serious economic issues,

  • Adrian

    He didn’t sell, he signed a multi year deal

  • Pashkuli Keyboard
    Pashkuli Keyboard

    What a nonsense attempt to cover the imminent hyper-inflation in USA.

  • prestige worldwide wide wide wide wide
    prestige worldwide wide wide wide wide

    Damn people are starting to really be like fuck California huh the state finally priced themselves out of admission

  • prestige worldwide wide wide wide wide
    prestige worldwide wide wide wide wide

    And now since this happen you are about to see a lot more people leaving IRsoft and they will leave mostly because of their censorship IRsoft is about to be a thing of the past it will be something just like IRsoft that will come out soon that won’t be on that censorship bullshit

  • Brice Marchant
    Brice Marchant

    Rogan said it before about youtube in a podcast how its kinda weird there is only one youtube and no competitors maybe now hes gonna help build that competitor.?

  • chess747

    IRsoft sucks now, it’s all censored.

  • Derrick Parker
    Derrick Parker

    PBD is the Air Apparent to Joe Rogan. Valuetainment is such quality content.

  • Brenda Harris
    Brenda Harris

    Because of censorship of this so called Covid conspiracies, I will definitely check out Spotify!

  • Zaheer Hussain
    Zaheer Hussain

    You tube are oppressing its creators!! I don't blame him....I hope all follow him!! You tube can keep sucking up to capitalistic swine!! With evil agendas.

  • Nick

    Wow everywhere is talking about this.... Don’t understand why everyone has to do a video. I understand why Patrick is though

  • Jay Doe
    Jay Doe

    IRsoft has been killing my favorite channels for the last 5 years. Cant wait to never come back.

  • ZachW

    I just switched to spotify and cancelled youtube red because I’m all about that anti-censorship.

  • Rajan Sachdeva
    Rajan Sachdeva

    Spotify gain 5 billion. 35 Million still unemployed.

  • Johnny Rib Cage
    Johnny Rib Cage

    Pewdiepie is next. 1 Billion contract right there!

  • yakety yak
    yakety yak

    5B is an exaggeration without considering that the market also has priced in that spotify will start streaming videos, that this opens the door to more people coming to spotify, that theres gonna be more supply for advertisement... all of that is priced in the 5B not just rogan

  • Anduril

    The Cross around your neck? You are a Christian?

  • Abheq

    I love Rogan, but I'm definitely not buying Spotify. On a side note, 100 million is nothing to ABC.

  • J. Gulle
    J. Gulle

    Cuz censorship nazi IRsoft!! Copy rights and shit

  • The Ronin
    The Ronin

    People go wherevers easier or whatever platform is most popular to use.

  • Davo

    man i hope you ain't his replacement, cause you don't do it.

  • Alex Llg
    Alex Llg

    Sold out sold out

  • panayotis panayotis
    panayotis panayotis

    !!!!!!!!!COVID Vaccine: What Else Could They Put in the Shot? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eddie Han
    Eddie Han

    Hi PBD, just a little concerned with how the message of this video was communicated. "Made $5 Billion in 48hrs" This statement might lead the typical viewer to believe they've made a cash injection of $5 billion. In reality, they increased their short-term valuation by $5 billion. Whether this would lead to a greater long-term valuation remains to be seen. Markets also tend to become less responsive to the same news over time. If signing content creators for 9 figures became more common in this industry, we would expect the market to respond less to such changes as it becomes a new norm. Long story short, If 100% of Spotify stakeholders tried to sell their stock right now... We would not end up with $35 billion in cash from those sales. Market cap is great for keeping score, but I find many people confuse it with cash in the bank. But I would love to hear some counter-arguments on this if anyone feels im overstepping. Btw, been watching your channel since the early days and loving the content as always!

  • Undesignated

    He is one of the few creators that deserve financial gain, let's hope he stays clean

  • Peter Šuligoj
    Peter Šuligoj

    great content

  • nunyabiness

    after seeing the stock go up i think they outta pay him extra

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy

    I'm just waiting to see how IRsoft blames this on Orange Man, lol 😁

  • David Tinx Lall
    David Tinx Lall


  • SB SB
    SB SB

    GOOD LUCK on your $1bln future contract, Worth every penny i would suggest getting Sammy the Bull back, even if he asks for $1mln bucks, it will guarantee double the investment

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy

      censorship ''' not good ''

  • superduperboyx

    Nicely put , liking your analysis. One note though, the $5 bill in stock value change isn't reflective of Joe Rogan's deal as the 100 mill is a long term bet of Spotify's.. Spotify can easily lose 20-50 bill in valuation if the stock tanks due to whatever reason (or gain).

  • SB SB
    SB SB

    THE TROUBLE is that most people never even been on Spotify, including me. It's like when Jeremy Clarkson and his crew left BBC and Top Gear after being fired , and moved to fck knows where,. Their views went down, no one watches them anymore, and they are not relevant anymore. For Joe is cool, $100mln bucks, even if you only get a handful of viewers.I Predict that Joe will loose 75% of his audience. A lot of clicks comes from Recommended sidebar.


    The game is changed forever. It’s finally OUR TIME!!!!!



  • S Pilaca
    S Pilaca

    Love the transperancy on this guy:)

  • Blind Bob
    Blind Bob

    Well i wont be moving becasue they want me to sign in ., so they can kiss my ass.

  • Matt Redlich
    Matt Redlich

    ..or perhaps if you get 100m EXTRA dollars, you can afford to contribute some of them to the society that made you the money. And you pick where you want to live based on where you want to live, not greed. Just a thought.

  • I.P. Freely
    I.P. Freely

    If JRE got canceled & banned from IRsoft in January 2020, was he suppose to just let it die, and him fade into obscurity? Hell No! JOE ROGAN RISES FROM THE ASHES, AND CLAIMS VICTORY OVER HIS OPPRESSORS!!! JOE ROGAN WON - NO DEBATIN'!!!

  • Goyim Bear
    Goyim Bear

    Everybody lost... since Joe sold out, did some 180's, and is being ridden like a (lesser) whore by the Great Whore (CIA/ZIs Cabal) of Babylon.

  • Division One Basketball
    Division One Basketball

    So when are you taking your podcast to Spotify Patrick?

  • Hemat Sinanan
    Hemat Sinanan

    Spotify is going to be worthless shit in five yrs.

  • Danny Devlin
    Danny Devlin

    It bums me out because to download his podcasts to listen when driving you have to subscribe to a platform you wouldn't otherwise have subscribed to. It changes everything about how we listen for a lot of people.

  • Andrew Christopher
    Andrew Christopher

    Brilliant! I hope this is the start of mass exodus from IRsoft and Google. Those companies have had too much of a monopoly, and have abused the trust, imposing control and squashing free speech. May the blue-haired cubicle feminazis in Silicon Valley cry in their "Male Tears" coffee cups!

  • Justin Ho
    Justin Ho

    OMG - do you not know the difference between "how much they made" which is income, versus market cap. you don't make any income on market cap. please do a proper analysis on the advertising revenue or new subscriptions they will get from JR - that is = income

  • John Austin
    John Austin

    censorship ''' not good ''

  • Mark Anthony Franco
    Mark Anthony Franco

    I follow you on Spotify and I hope Spotify picks you up as well!!!

  • Dtown

    Your Show going next your Interviews are very exciting and awesome 🤙🏾

  • gittyupalice96

    Spotify is to IRsoft, what AMD is to Intel. In the end the creators win.

  • Scott

    well when you put it like that it doesn't seem like he got all that good a deal

  • Psychedelic Jimrod
    Psychedelic Jimrod

    What’s wrong with your pinky

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson

    I don't get it how the hell does the state buy the house if it's 13.3 million. I didn't get that bit.

  • dsmeeeman

    It's interesting to note that Alphabet Inc (youtube parent company) stock price went up in that same timeframe (might have more to do with market recovery from COVID). I agree that Joe going away from youtube is a good thing, but I think it's presumptuous to assume that short term stock value can be used to determine a creative talents value by one move. According to this guys logic, Joe Rogan would be worth $800 Million if he had decided to sing about baby sharks instead of doing what he does today. If you look at the top youtube viewed videos, they don't want political, or edgy, they want profitable. As long as 100M people watch a video of a cat playing with a tennis ball, guys like Joe will always be on the move. I wish Rogan and @Valutainment the best of luck, I'll always follow them, wherever they are.

  • Scott Anthony
    Scott Anthony

    Winners: Rogan & Spotify Losers: Alphabet & Apple It had to happen sooner or later. Someone finally made a power play to take out IRsoft and boy did Spotify make a BOSS move! Also, spot on analysis on CAPITALISM working to shake up the market / social media platforms!

  • Kae Ro
    Kae Ro

    but not all creators have Joe's background (fear factor, movies, tv, genuine celebrity associations in various industries and mediums). How much of that 100m is because of that?

  • garzascreek

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="234">3:54</a> - Value increase to SPOT _shareholders._

  • Jeffrey Hill
    Jeffrey Hill

    Ive had spotify for years its also hooked into hulu. But spotify has promised not to censor content creators. Thats huge. You tube can suck one after what they have done

  • itz areous
    itz areous

    Am 💯 going to Spotify

  • Ecanic

    My issue is that Spotify is only available in 79 countries. That's 79 out of 195. The entirety of the Caribbean and most of Latin America can't use Spotify and now we can't listen to Joe Rogan.

  • Q

    Disappointing, I will not subscribe to Spotify just to listen to Joe Rogan. Shame no more Joe.

  • Frederick Van Sickle
    Frederick Van Sickle

    Phenomenal analysis!

  • A.M. Goudarzi
    A.M. Goudarzi

    Great job Patrick. Greetings from Germany, (from an Iranian expat).


    Very insightful