The Tesla Model Y Is the Tesla Everyone Is Waiting For
Doug DeMuro
The Tesla Model Y is the newest Tesla -- and it's eagerly anticipated. Today I'm reviewing the Model Y, and I'm going to show you the quirks and features of the Tesla Model Y during a thorough tour of the Model Y. Then I'm driving the Tesla Model Y, and I'm going to tell you what it's like on the road.
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  • Georgi Milushev
    Georgi Milushev

    Quality 7? That's high for a VW... Jetta is the third least reliable car in the states according to Consumer Reports.

  • Bij Dikh
    Bij Dikh

    MSRP $52k and will probably sell for $65k+ for the next 6 months. Doug: That's relatively affordable.

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia

    How is 60k affordable?

  • Wills Womble
    Wills Womble

    Jeez! 78 degrees, the dawg will be fried! Also Doug does it have S. Africa mode - 20,000 V door handles?

  • DoubleClutchOnline

    I'll admit, I really wish that the Y had the same power doors as on the X.

  • Tesla Electric SuperCars
    Tesla Electric SuperCars

    Tesla Electric Cars is Awesome! :)))))

  • JR Gb
    JR Gb

    Useful, but not attractive.

  • ____BASS___ _
    ____BASS___ _

    Maybe the third passenger row will be stuffed in the frunk

  • Markus LC
    Markus LC

    the glossy black trim instead of chrome looks terrible and cheap, has nothing to do with looking modern Oo

  • Broliathos

    imagine you twitter to BMW or GM and ask for a "joe mode" urself.......never gonna happen.....thanks tesla for fan/customer service

  • Zeke Holloway
    Zeke Holloway

    how do you turn on the headlights lol?

  • Alexander Moreau
    Alexander Moreau

    Why wouldn't the alerts all be focused to the driver anyways? What passenger needs or wants to hear the car beeping? Actually I don't want my car to ever beep unless the engine is about to blow up or I left a door open.

  • Future Ahead
    Future Ahead

    Y not put more batteries in those big empty cargo storages for more range?

  • All No
    All No

    Sounds like a stupid car

  • nobodynemoq

    As for the rear seat passengers unable to use climate control - I'm sure, that one day Tesla will release an update where these passengers will be able to do it with their phones

  • nobodynemoq

    If there is a dog mode, where is the Doug mode?

  • Crippleback

    Why go ask a dealer when we have Doug DeMuro?

  • Reiseliebhaber

    It's beautiful but it's still luxury! I think that Tesla could create a low cost, mini car, designed for the city, like Toyota Aygo (but electric)

  • Johnny Volvox
    Johnny Volvox

    I don't understand why Tesla doesn't put a front dash?? Who df wants to look to the screen to the right for driver information? Its literally a deal breaker for me.

  • mike gurgle
    mike gurgle

    Is this seriously called an SUV? Because, it is not.

  • Family life
    Family life

    You know he hopes mr. musk is watching this lol

  • Hunter Kowald
    Hunter Kowald

    *I just built a fully driverless Lexus and rode to starbucks for under $1000.. haha forget tesla! Here's me surfing the roof along the way. ​***

  • Logan Parish
    Logan Parish

    All of these comments are lying! "Joe Mode" is for when the owner of the vehicle shows it to a passenger to trick them into saying "Who's Joe?" and the owner would proceed with "JOE MAMA!"

  • Do Tung 1996
    Do Tung 1996

    Damn the panel gap is bad

  • Himalaya Norbu
    Himalaya Norbu

    The inside is a rolls Royce and the outside is a Prius.. just being honest.

    • gooz0mbie

      A Prius faster than most sports cars

  • Diego Treviño
    Diego Treviño

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1400">23:20</a> doug said what gear you are in...... and he is in an electric car

    • Michael Z
      Michael Z

      You still have park reverse drive and neutral gears.

  • MrAtomicant

    One ugly looking car

  • Zain Shah
    Zain Shah

    I hate Tesla

  • Liger King
    Liger King

    @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1124">18:44</a>, the Tesla model Y lets us know that Doug is infact its owner. Congrats on your new Tesla, Doug!

  • Karim Mifflin
    Karim Mifflin

    I wonder what Doug's mom got on his Doug score?

  • Michael Queen
    Michael Queen

    And its one of the ugliest cars ever…

  • uramalakia

    Oh thank god it has a normal door.

  • Kenneth Lynes
    Kenneth Lynes

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1400">23:20</a> "what gear you're in"

  • Ed Wu
    Ed Wu

    Im surprised the backseat passenger(s) would'nt be able to text the car to turn on or turn off heated seats

  • Tom Cassidy
    Tom Cassidy

    I just found out this existed 😨

  • citibear57

    During the interior footage while sitting in the driver's seat, I noticed both of your knees are dirty. What did you have to do to borrow this Tesla Model Y? 😲

  • No Way
    No Way

    Can't be everyone, I am a someone and I don't want one, or any Tesla actually.

  • El Chingon
    El Chingon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1400">23:20</a> Gear???

  • El Chingon
    El Chingon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1213">20:13</a> “Joe mama”

  • El Chingon
    El Chingon

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="311">5:11</a> idc whatchu say, this shit is bomb asf to have especially if you have the 30 watt Apple’s phone charger that comes eith the USB-C, u can take it off and charge that’s dope

  • 0150r

    Crossover? It's just a hatchback with marketing. I have a model 3 but would rather have the Y just for the extra room in the back. It would make sleeping in the back (taking naps at superchargers on road trips) much easier.

  • lalli j
    lalli j

    this car is fuking junk ,,,

  • David VanBuren
    David VanBuren

    Great Video!! Note:You can control the back heated seats from an App as a passenger...

  • Michael Ruvinov
    Michael Ruvinov

    Doug: who’s Joe Me: oh forget it

  • Tony Lemont
    Tony Lemont

    This dude has the manerisms and slur of someone who hangs around school playgrounds. Peace.

  • Shawn Marks
    Shawn Marks

    I like how he accelerates onto the highway and you can just see the cars behind him left in the dust

  • David Morse
    David Morse

    Was the model X you were comparing this to - the long range? Surely the performance X is significantly quicker?

  • codemiesterbeats

    Funny that the "go fast" performance stuff is usually software with tesla... so yea tesla is like the game companies with pay to play lol it is also attached to the owner... so if you buy it used that option is no longer available (from what I can gather)


    what if the back USB ports when plugged into your phone allowed you to control your air and seat temp with the Tesla App...Ill wait here

  • Orwell rolls over...
    Orwell rolls over...

    its not unfortunate that the kids cant control the temperature and parents maintain control...

  • Bjorn Gullholm
    Bjorn Gullholm

    I noticed that Jaguar I-Pace which had your Doug score at 66 point is no longer on the list. Love the Tesla Y but it still seem to lack in the overall quality and luxury that you get with the I-Pace.

  • Jose Beut
    Jose Beut

    It’s me ? Or it’s fucking same than a cayenne 😂😂

  • Samuel S
    Samuel S

    Hit a pot hole and your head is going through that roof glass in the back!

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF

    With the Model S, Tesla invented "The Smart Car"

  • Yngve Andersen
    Yngve Andersen

    I know who Joe is.

  • Yngve Andersen
    Yngve Andersen

    I miss heated steeringwheel.

  • Veee21

    Model Y looks like a Model 3 But big

  • Heath Leiteritz
    Heath Leiteritz

    Inaccurate title. I'm in line for the cybertruck.

  • Shady Tyrell
    Shady Tyrell

    Why can’t you just use your hand to move the side mirrors lol

  • sitendu goswami
    sitendu goswami

    All EV reviews ! the acceleration is instant!! The car is so silent! Enough, we know!

  • Generalgutz

    Model S3XY

  • Aaron1570

    The starting with the keycard can be hacked.

  • Mikey

    The model Y came out 2 months and I didn’t know about this 😑 I’m so disappointed in myself

  • King Kizzy
    King Kizzy

    Just waiting on the Car wow review of this

  • fyrstikken

    Model Y looks like something Walter White would drive when he was poor

  • gavin chan
    gavin chan

    metric please

  • Phantom

    Rename Joe mode to Karen mode. The internet liked that.

  • 1 2
    1 2

    i rather have no seat heater, smaller wheels and regular usb

  • Leo Buckman
    Leo Buckman

    Doug is the type of guy to sleep in his car when he is at his house

  • Max S.
    Max S.

    Where is the space for the spare wheel?

  • Avid Najd
    Avid Najd


  • Graham

    As oil is cheap, Hertz etc is dumping it's fleet and car prices will be falling off a cliff, why would someone spend so much on a car of dubious reliability from a company that consistently loses huge amounts of money every year that needs charging up on a regular basis? I'm not seeing the market here, people will by trying to buy food and getting shelter.

    • Graham

      @Kumo G Congrats on being lucky with your model X, good luck after the warranty period. All car prices will drop off a cliff, I did not mean exclusively EVs: There's a huge glut out there just as Hertz prepares for chapter 11. Read up on it to save surprises later, autosales have literally collapsed. Well made IC cars don't need that much maintenance - you know EVs also have oil changes etc too? My 32 year old diesel car still gives me 45mpg+ with a 600 mile range for peanuts, servicing is basic and simple DIY every 2-3 years as needed. I would consider a Toyota Hybrid, but never a pure EV. As for your landfill argument - I agree - but Teslas are one of the worst brands for supplying spare parts, helping DIY or indie mechanics and even buying a used one from them is problematic - they always only want to sell new. There is no visible lifecycle planning for a Tesla, it's far far easier to both repair and recycle other brands of cars.

    • Kumo G
      Kumo G

      I own what is considered Tesla's least reliable model, the Model X. It has never given me an issue where it didn't take me to my destination every single time. In fact I haven't had to do a single lick of maintenance in 20 months of ownership thus far. The same cannot be said for my previous Honda, Acura, Lexus cars/minivans nor 5 Fords. But even dropping the Tesla argument, even a simple Nissan Leaf would provide the same reliability. Even the frowned upon Chevy Bolt is GM's most reliable vehicle per their own dealer repair data. As for prices falling off a cliff - not sure where you're making that up from. Good luck trying to find any BEV that depreciates faster than it's ICE counterpart with exception of Nissan's Leaf because of lack of thermal battery management (water cooling). The current status quo enjoys people buying cheap gas cars that need constant maintenance to keep their combustion chambers running within limits and governments enjoy tax revenue from constantly flipping these resources. Anybody who appreciates a well made product that can last for years would appreciate that in a BEV over an ICE car. I guess in today's world of disposable trash goods and endless landfill people will always choose the option that appears cheaper in the short term. Penny wise pound foolish.

  • reasonitout

    good review

  • andreastatalvostru.


  • andrepoiy111999

    what if you're just parked in a parking lot and the space between the car and the next is a bit small. century mode will get activated many times as people walk between cars

  • iamatruepro

    But *y*?

  • Jeffrey Bohémier
    Jeffrey Bohémier

    This is definitely a vehicle built for Doug. It’s packed full of gimmicks. Ugly as shit, but you don’t notice the funky lines when you’re too busy playing with the gimmicks. You don’t notice the ridiculously piss poor build quality either. And that’s simply NOT acceptable in any vehicle that can cost as much as 60k after everything’s paid. You would think that by now Tesla would’ve finally corrected the build quality issues. But they’re not even close. I think they simply gave up. Personally, I suspect the factory’s foundation simply isn’t strong enough to withstand the weight of all the robots being used to assemble the vehicles. That would certainly account for the numerous misaligned panels as those robots were dealing with induced vibrations from other nearby robots throughout the factory. That’s what happens when you use an old factory to build a modern day vehicle. Tesla should’ve built an all new factory instead of buying that old Fremont facility. This car looks more like something the Amish would be pulling along behind a horse than a modern car.

    • chris chong
      chris chong

      I completely agree with all your points.This is literally one of the ugliest cars on the road, those wheels awful and don't help it at all either.

  • Christian Humer
    Christian Humer

    Imagine laying in it during night in an area with low light pollution in camping mode while charging.

  • Lmartcom

    Thank-you Elon for implementing an affordably priced vehicle. The Joe mod" are testament to Tesla's receptiveness to this modern market, Lmartcom score this car at 100%.

  • Gee Malhotra
    Gee Malhotra

    do they have voice commands