Trying Workout LIFE HACKS to see if they work
Little Lia
Trying Workout life Hacks to see if they work! Today we're trying out some DIY lifehacks in the gym! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one Subscribe so you don’t miss videos!
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  • Kadiatou Traore
    Kadiatou Traore

    Hey lia your awesome I love this video 🤩 Can you do more🥺

  • Elle-Kay Gordon
    Elle-Kay Gordon

    I love dr martens

  • June Maibes
    June Maibes

    Me when I’m trying to go downstairs to get something: oh no I fell did anyone hear that Dad: who’s in my bedroom well sleeping

  • Nia Bigby
    Nia Bigby

    It depends how far you put your leg

  • llama fav
    llama fav


  • Taala Jasper
    Taala Jasper

    Get up and start walking at be 5 seconds early

  • Raziel David
    Raziel David


  • Raziel David
    Raziel David


  • Raziel David
    Raziel David


  • Alicia Middlemiss
    Alicia Middlemiss

    hi lia i love you also i love battle cats i just found it on play store and i'm going to play it right now love you

  • Rocio Hernandez
    Rocio Hernandez

    Omg awesome

  • Mohamed Abdalla
    Mohamed Abdalla

    U have a crush when u have a boyfriend?

  • Tammie Ruiz
    Tammie Ruiz

    Who plays roblox to see of they won a giveaway but didn't win it at all and says I'm so sad and crys way to much that the universe can hear you 🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌🌌

  • Gracie Kick
    Gracie Kick

    No one: Not a single soul: Lia: works out at 3 am

  • Nylah Reynolds
    Nylah Reynolds

    Lia: trying to do the splits Me: already now’s how to

  • Ashly Lissbeth Montero
    Ashly Lissbeth Montero

    I have the same shoes socks as her

  • Edna Ramirez
    Edna Ramirez


  • Canal Anonimo
    Canal Anonimo

    I like your armpits😍

  • Gabriela Miastkowska
    Gabriela Miastkowska

    More VIDS more VIDS more VIDS


    It was funny when she fell in the kitchen in the beginning

  • Noah Cheng
    Noah Cheng

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a> asmr squeaking

  • Amura Minggia
    Amura Minggia

    Me yelling: That ain't duck tape

  • Marianat Ramirez
    Marianat Ramirez

    Hi Lia I love u U are pretty

  • Luz Nieves
    Luz Nieves

    Yes we can see it

  • DaNyiah McCray
    DaNyiah McCray

    i love these type off vids she is such a good person

  • Miah And Sarah
    Miah And Sarah

    I have the same shoes as y

  • LifeWith Queen Spence
    LifeWith Queen Spence

    When she did the squats it looked like she had duck legs

  • mike kallis
    mike kallis

    you are better then anyone I no

  • moonlight266 gaming
    moonlight266 gaming

    Is it me or does she sound like leah ashe is she leah ashe woahhhhhh cool

  • vilmarie macfarlane
    vilmarie macfarlane

    "Its 3am and I almost twisted my ankle"-little lia

  • SC - 03DA - Ridgewood PS (1111)
    SC - 03DA - Ridgewood PS (1111)

    hi i m your bigest fan

  • Mehjabeen Ajaz
    Mehjabeen Ajaz

    Nobody talking about how beautiful she is

  • Marwan Shams
    Marwan Shams


  • Vivian Guertin
    Vivian Guertin

    Who’s watching in 2020 pandemic

  • Emma The Weird
    Emma The Weird

    Did anyone notice the thanos glove in the living room???

  • Matthew Hensen
    Matthew Hensen

    Do you have a Xbox one

  • Nylah crowl
    Nylah crowl

    🅤︎🅡︎ 🅥︎🅞︎🅘︎🅒︎🅔︎🅘︎🅢︎ 🅢︎🅞︎ 🅒︎🅤︎🅣︎🅔︎

  • Michael Mclymont
    Michael Mclymont

    When lis said "congratulations you now have Corona time" It didn't make sense

  • Mikey Senato
    Mikey Senato

    Sniperwolf: it seems like a good hack Me: no just no

  • More of MORGAN
    More of MORGAN

    Bro I have the SAME leggings as the ones in the outfit burrito 🌯 lol

  • Kaniz Fathema
    Kaniz Fathema

    Liayou are Sniper Wolf name but how did you get little lia name how many videos do you have

  • Comfy pajamas
    Comfy pajamas

    I'm whaching this at night, and I noticed her slippers then realized she has the same slippers I do XD

  • Comfy pajamas
    Comfy pajamas

    I'm whaching this at night, and I noticed her slippers then realized she has the same slippers I do XD

  • Mariely Torres
    Mariely Torres


  • Leah Aminov
    Leah Aminov

    lowkey my sister has those combat boots

  • M a y a S a m e r
    M a y a S a m e r

    I can do the splits lol

  • Zea Bozz
    Zea Bozz

    Was that split test for the outro or was it a mistake

  • Serenity Nieves
    Serenity Nieves

    You look like sniperwoof

  • Alexa Andrea
    Alexa Andrea

    You have a pretty house 👩🏻

  • Sarah Ogunlade
    Sarah Ogunlade

    I have a crush on lia

  • Fatjona Malushaj
    Fatjona Malushaj


  • Monica Mills
    Monica Mills

    It's fine.

  • ITz Galaxy
    ITz Galaxy

    I use the fast way to tie my shoe helpfull in P.E But during quarantine u dont tie ur shoes

  • Weirdo 80
    Weirdo 80

    She says that she sweats when she is nervous I’m like “relatable!”

    • Mwxzy慕う

      Lucky, i just poop my pants + sweat + headache

  • Alex Mitchell
    Alex Mitchell

    I knew that already but I didn’t know it was a hack

  • San Ien Jao
    San Ien Jao

    U have the coolest house

  • Samantha Willis
    Samantha Willis

    789 7 ate 9

  • Dalia Hegazy
    Dalia Hegazy

    Lia saying to a black shirt cute. Me saying to a colorful shirt cute.

  • S Kameka
    S Kameka

    Do you still have the slime I’ll take it 🤣

  • Unaizah Ali
    Unaizah Ali

    We're u okay by doing that split

  • Mikaela Hughes
    Mikaela Hughes

    I love this video

  • Saturday Vibes
    Saturday Vibes

    Uhh it’s hard to find a vid of u to watch bc I’ve watched to many oop

  • eucharist auguste
    eucharist auguste

    Yes can you be my mom please

  • Leah Thomas
    Leah Thomas

    Lia it is 3am Me same

  • Angelique Hollingdrake
    Angelique Hollingdrake

    ReEeEeEe If I try any of these they ain't gonna work Cause I don't work out😜😝

  • Casslyn Smith
    Casslyn Smith

    Is this going to work I. Love you

  • Niene Bijnens
    Niene Bijnens

    I do that shoe hack already for 5 years now, but even easier 😅

  • Human Human
    Human Human

    For the lunges I have to do them in P.E, I know how to do them, but I do them wrong any way

  • Ryan pash
    Ryan pash

    425 nice

  • Yasmin Behram
    Yasmin Behram

    Am I the only person who sucks at life hacks?

  • Gabby Flores
    Gabby Flores

    I love you little lia

  • A & K Productions
    A & K Productions

    She be living in that mansion I see you lia

  • xXDev_StarXx

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="310">5:10</a> made me laugh so hard

  • Garry Humby
    Garry Humby

    Lol when she filmed this vid she did a voice over because she wasn't actcaull speaking lol xoxo

  • Zineily Skerrett
    Zineily Skerrett


  • Kristen Giauque
    Kristen Giauque


  • Kristen Giauque
    Kristen Giauque

    You are my favorite you tuber.

  • Honor Samantha Hello!
    Honor Samantha Hello!

    Omg your house is beautiful!!!

  • Honor Samantha Hello!
    Honor Samantha Hello!

    OMGEEEEE Hey girl!!!!!

  • Arianna

    I think the first idea is like for suitcases