We Made HUMAN SIZED Candy Buttons... How Do They Taste?
The King of Random
Today we're scaling up another nostalgic candy. This time we're making giant candy buttons, also known as candy dots. How will they taste?
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  • B Rook
    B Rook

    Nate looked sad that he could not play his horn

  • Kat Totten
    Kat Totten

    You should make giant gummy candy dots

  • thr epic Art gamer
    thr epic Art gamer

    Piping lessons pls

  • SoupMyGuy 41
    SoupMyGuy 41

    Now I know where they got the sound effect for the illager raids in Minecraft

  • B.J. Glennon
    B.J. Glennon

    Rock candy 👈👁👄👁🤜

  • Allison Caruso
    Allison Caruso

    KITKATS my favorite candy!!

  • Lanie Burley
    Lanie Burley

    Y’all should make smarties

  • Kennedy Steckelberg
    Kennedy Steckelberg

    That is a Italian Meringue

  • Brandon Fingerboards
    Brandon Fingerboards

    you sould make a giant kitkat or twix

  • John Posey
    John Posey

    I would really like a video on piping. I can bake alright, but I can’t decorate well.

  • Lindsey King
    Lindsey King

    you guys should make a giant m'n'm

  • Butternut Best boy
    Butternut Best boy

    I have never seen a candy button I’m my life.

  • Nyia_ nat
    Nyia_ nat

    You should make a giant Nerd candy

  • Nyia_ nat
    Nyia_ nat

    I love candy buttons I haven’t had one in a looong time

  • Hary Hyena108
    Hary Hyena108

    Can you make gain root beer barrels

  • Aj

    Anyone else wonder if Callie and Nate hook up?

  • elliania rylee
    elliania rylee

    You could do nick-a-lips

  • Cj Yeet
    Cj Yeet


  • JJKitty507

    i cant be the only person that was reminded of twister when i saw this, right??

  • Londyn Snipes
    Londyn Snipes


  • Alita Hill
    Alita Hill

    Are they married ?

  • Katie Lewis
    Katie Lewis

    How about big lemon drops?

  • щak yhatoфny
    щak yhatoфny

    I never had those button candies

  • Todd Callihan
    Todd Callihan

    Giant laggy taffy

  • Melvin A.K.A Saraí
    Melvin A.K.A Saraí

    imagine having flies while making this

  • Zoe Hartung
    Zoe Hartung

    make sweet tarts

  • Olivia Walsh
    Olivia Walsh

    Some of those almost look like they’re ready for some filling to be sandwiched between cause it reminds me of Macarons

  • Olivia Walsh
    Olivia Walsh

    The Sour Candy Buttons are exquisite👍🏻

  • Will Bremer
    Will Bremer

    Then but kitchen gun for the mess

  • Playtime Pups
    Playtime Pups


  • Sharlize Acevedo
    Sharlize Acevedo

    Can you guys try hatching fertile quail eggs in an incubator

  • Naomi Lamel
    Naomi Lamel

    Make a giant starburst

  • Kanosha Wilson
    Kanosha Wilson

    He said a ham borger

  • Shelia Simpson
    Shelia Simpson

    can you make a Twix next and Cally DO YOU HAVE COVID!!!oh and btw she sounds like JoJo in some parts

  • cecilia peifer
    cecilia peifer

    Ooh I'd like to see tkor aka the king of random to make giant .......TWIZLERS oh I spelled that wrong twisters sorry the attack of the auto correct has began! Twizlers yup it won't let me spell it wait unless I spelled that right oh this most likely is an embracing thing🙄😐😶😮

  • Larilynn Vaughn
    Larilynn Vaughn

    I would like to see a human size tiwzer

  • Gabriela Martinez
    Gabriela Martinez

    Make one of those hard candy necklaces GIANT

  • Chloe Mcfadden
    Chloe Mcfadden

    You guys should make a large payday HMMM I love paydays and you guys too


    maybe a twix bar

  • Vickie Wallace
    Vickie Wallace

    Candy "necklace" please

  • Averie Puffer
    Averie Puffer

    Can you try M&M's for your next giant candy? If so that would be amazing.

  • Katelynn C
    Katelynn C

    You guys maybe should have tried with wax paper! Never sticks!

  • Laylah Graves
    Laylah Graves

    I think they are supposed to be like meringue

  • Nathan Edward
    Nathan Edward

    A large ring pop

  • Emily Springs
    Emily Springs

    Do snickers

  • Jacks plumbing Videos
    Jacks plumbing Videos

    CoRoNa ViRuS

  • Florencio Barcelona
    Florencio Barcelona

    House tour

  • Miriam Hatch
    Miriam Hatch

    Make a giant ring pop!!!!!

  • Henry vanderVinne
    Henry vanderVinne

    Try Making giant sour keys

  • Matthew Diaz Rivas
    Matthew Diaz Rivas

    Sneaker Bar or Fun Dip!!

  • Yeet

    We should just have a asmr video of (almost) every time nate eats something, and a counter for when he eats cotton candy!

  • Shayna Richardson
    Shayna Richardson

    Twizzlers giant candy

  • Lindsay Babe
    Lindsay Babe

    Nerd rope or baby bottle pop

  • Arianna Jehorek
    Arianna Jehorek

    You should make a giant gummy worm

  • Roblox Games
    Roblox Games

    Resses are the best

  • Eztrec

    over here where i am we have these but instead of many flavors its just chocolate

  • Kyla Har
    Kyla Har

    Do the candy buttons have to go in the fridge because of the eggs ??

  • Brad Schmaling
    Brad Schmaling

    Are Nate and Callie dating someone please tell me

  • The Official Wufpack99 Channel
    The Official Wufpack99 Channel

    Make huge laffy taffy!!

  • Kathryn M. Durgin
    Kathryn M. Durgin

    My kids love watching your show! They asked me to ask you to make giants air heads. Thanks!

  • Alexa Harper
    Alexa Harper

    Please do a piping video

  • Junior Phelps
    Junior Phelps

    Can you do a packet of Twizzlers

  • Beneath the Plass
    Beneath the Plass

    Cracker Barrel! Cracker Barrel ALWAYS has candy dots! (I say laughing, with a pack of them on my desk from my last visit, haha.)

  • Clayton Harper
    Clayton Harper


  • D J
    D J

    Giant Blow Pops

  • Malachi Meeks
    Malachi Meeks

    Make candy canes

  • Talas Alexandria
    Talas Alexandria

    if yall ever want to take the trip out after the corona thing, in greenfield village in michigan, the original brand is sold there

  • Dsteffen51-96

    Giant pop-rocks

  • Ashley

    Giant hersey kiss

  • QlimaXvsDefqoN 1
    QlimaXvsDefqoN 1

    Make giant Mars bar

  • Jessica Dark
    Jessica Dark

    Licorice shoe strings raspberry!!

  • brogan named after the dog
    brogan named after the dog


  • Eloise Entringer
    Eloise Entringer


  • Betsy is awesome
    Betsy is awesome

    jelly beans plz

  • Bummy_ guts
    Bummy_ guts

    She sounds like Jojosiwa lmaoo

  • Wally Walrus
    Wally Walrus

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="210">3:30</a> she is like a teacher

  • Zalfener Valenix
    Zalfener Valenix

    Cooking with Callie! I would love it!

  • Grace taylor
    Grace taylor

    So it's basically really sugary meringue

  • Grace taylor
    Grace taylor

    Hay Callie Question here Did you have like a cold at the beginning of the video? You sounded a bit weird

  • Arsenal Gaming
    Arsenal Gaming

    Big ring pop